The Lazy Girl Skincare Routine

On the search for a glowing and radiant complexion but can't be fussed with a tedious skincare routine? Then this article is for you! The countless skincare products, treatments and tips can be intimidating and daunting especially if you're on the search for a low maintenance routine that gives you optimum results.

Read on for a simple yet effective skincare routine that will help keep your skin beautiful and nourished with minimal effort!

Use a Face wash

This is a pretty simple step which has very many benefits and fast results. Invest in a really good face wash that suits your skin type and be sure to use it daily, every morning and night.  If you have dry skin, pick a non lathering face wash while a gentle foaming cleanser works wonders on oily skin. This is your first step towards maintaining a healthy skin care routine.

Remove your makeup!

As tired as you may be after a hard day at work or from a night out, be sure to always, ALWAYS remove your makeup before getting into bed. Sleeping with makeup can be very detrimental to your skin as it prevents the skin from breaking down healthy collagen, which results in your skin appearing old and rough. Make up can also disturb the cell turnover in your skin which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. For those really tiring days that you just cannot be fussed with a face wash and toner, keep some makeup wipes next to your bed.

Find products that multitask!

Instead of cluttering your bathroom with hundreds of products, find skincare items that solve two problems in one go. There are face washes that both cleanse and exfoliate while there are sunscreens that both protect your skin while preventing premature signs of ageing.

Never forget the sunscreen!

This is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy skincare routine. Never forget the sunscreen! A good sunscreen will help you prevent uneven skin tone while protecting your skin from the damaging and harmful UV rays of the sun.

Change your pillowcases on the regular

Try to change your pillow cases at least on a weekly basis as bacteria build up on pillowcases can cause acne, breakouts and unhealthy skin.

Use an overnight mask  

An overnight mask will work wonders while you sleep, making it the ideal choice for lazy girls who want glowing skin. Find your skin type and a mask that works for you, layer it on your face at least twice a week and voila! You wake up to radiant skin.

Invest in an anti-aging product

Our skin starts to lose collagen around our early 20’s, therefore it is important to find a good anti-aging skin care product that will help reduce fine lines and dark spots while improving the skin’s firmness.

A day cream that doubles as sunscreen

Along with sunscreen, it is also important to use a day cream every morning to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. If you want an easy shortcut that speeds up your morning routine, find a moisturizer that has SPF so that you can use one product for both. Since we live in a tropical country with humid weather, try to get yourself a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or SPF 50 based on your skin type.

Stay hydrated

Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will help you achieve that beautiful complexion that you have always dreamt of! Water helps purify and plump your skin, giving it a natural glow and shine. Water also helps hydrate skin tissues, increasing the skin’s elasticity, reducing and preventing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. Try carrying a bottle of water with you on the regular so that you remember to stay hydrated all day long

Cut down the Caffeine

Too much coffee is never a good thing, especially when it comes to your skin. Try to switch your morning coffee for a Green Tea which is high in antioxidants which naturally helps  improve your skin's appearance.

Get enough sleep  

A good night of sleep is key to having perfect skin. Prevent the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and bags by getting at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day.

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