Choosing the right shoe for every occasion

It’s true what they say, your shoes can make or break your outfit! You could have the perfect outfit and accessories on, but it would not be complete without a matching pair of shoes. With an array of styles, patterns and colors at your fingertips (or dare we say, at the tip of your toes), choosing the correct pair of shoes to match your outfit and most importantly the occasion, can be tricky.

So read on for some helpful guidelines on how to pick the perfect shoe, every time!

Heeled Sandals

A shoe collection is not complete with outa good pair of sandals! Get yourself a pair with a small heel, and you have the perfect versatile shoe that can be worn at various occasions and settings. Heeled Sandals are perfect for casual Fridays at work and can even be worn for outdoor weddings and brunches. A pair that is black, white or nude can work well with any outfit!

Best suited for: Casual Workdays, outdoor weddings, brunches, lunch dates



A pair of flats is a must-have in any wardrobe. Get your hands on a pair that is both comfortable and stylish that can take you from the office to a  casual dinner. Experiment with colors and prints to give your outfit some oomph, or play it safe with a pair of black or whites.

Best suited for: Work, casual dinners, grocery runs, everyday wear


High Heels

The holy grail of shoes: High Heels is usually the best way to dress up an outfit! Dress to impress by pairing your work blazer and skirt with a nice pair of black pumps or get those killer stilettos out for a fun night out in your little black dress. Let’s not forget weddings! Get your black, white or nude strappy heels to wear with your saree, lehenga or cocktail dress.

Best suited for: Work, Weddings, cocktail events, night outs,


Casual Shoes

A pair of nice white sneakers can make even a very casual outfit pop! Head to your weekend brunches, grocery runs, coffee meet-ups etc. in comfort and style by pairing your jeans or shorts with a basic colored shirt or t-shirt with a pair of clean white sneakers.

Best suited for: coffee meet-ups, lunch dates, brunches



The slippers' much dressier cousin: Sliders are great for those who want to look dressed up with minimal effort. Sliders work great for casual meetups, lunches and dinners. Throw on a pair of jeans, a casual dress or a skirt then put on your sliders and head out the door feeling fab!

Best suited for: Lunch, Dinner, Coffee dates


While boots are not ideal for our tropical weather, a pair of cute low heeled ankle boots can help you stay in style if you're headed on a trip to the cooler climates of the country. Grab yourself a warm and snug sweater combine it with some leggings and a pair of boots and you’ve got yourself a casual yet classy outfit that’s sure to turn heads!

Best suited for: Colder climates

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