About us

We believe in celebrating young women who love all things girly from fluffy pillows to pink ribbons and princess lined dresses. This is why our delicate fragrances were deigned to bring out your inner feminine beauty. Weather its Secrets for young movers and shakers or Cinderella for young princesses - we've got girl power covered.

Secrets is all about letting girls be girls. We embrace the privilege of femininity with the Secrets Collection of four delicate floral fragrances and a fairness cream. Take your pick or get them all to suit the mood you wake up in. For young women who are just beginning their careers or working hard in college, use Secrets to bring out the inner you -– all power and all girl!

If you believe in fairy tales and riding off into the sunset, turn to Cinderella. Recently launched to celebrate youth and femininity, our two distinctly new fragrances will allow young women feel like a fairy tale princess all day. ICL Brands has such a diverse collection for young women because we understand that femininity comes in all forms and we have something for everyone.

Feminine Secrets

The deep reality of inner femininity is yours for the taking when you pick up a fragrant bottle of Secrets with its four elusive floral fragrances or choose our fairness cream.

Cinderella Story

Make your dreams come true when you pick up a bottle of Cinderella that will leave you feeling like a fairytale princess all day, every day. Princesses are special girls and we celebrate you!

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