The art of accessorizing

Any stylist will tell you that accessories make the outfit. Getting that perfect dress is not enough because you need all the little finishing touches to make your look complete. In a nutshell, to accessorize is to have the right shoes, jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves and other extras that will bring out the best in a great outfit and give you more appeal. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t always easy to achieve. So we’ve spoken to some top stylists and have a 5 simple fashion hacks on offer to help you accessorize any outfit in no time:

Tip 1 : Matching isn't everything

To make everything match might not help any part of your outfit stand out. To really make your look pop out, try using different shades to your outfit. For instance, if your dress is lime green, try darker toned green accessories instead of the same color as your dress. You can also try a wild contrast and go with a color that will stand out against your outfit. If you’re wearing a simple black pantsuit, you can dress it up with red accessories.

Tip 2 : Don't over accessorize

You don’t need to have a belt, bag, shoes, earnings, chain, bracelet and rings for each outfit. While some occasions require a little extra, it isn’t a standard rule of thumb. In some cases, just one or two stand out pieces will work well. For example, a brooch or shawl maybe all you need to bring an outfit together. The trick is knowing how much is too much for your outfit. 

Tip 3 : Colors and prints matter

Not every outfit is easy to accessorize. So one rule to follow is to keep track of the color and print of your main outfit. If you’re wearing something with a vibrant and busy print, most accessories might make it an overkill. But if you’re wearing a simple one color outfit, then the more the better when it comes to accessories so you bring the outfit to life.

Tip 4 : Always accessorize

Not having any accessories on can make your outfit look plain and unappealing. While you don’t have to over accessorize outfits, not having anything at all doesn’t work either. When you’re next reorganizing your wardrobe, remember to also organize your accessories so you can plan for at least one signature accessory to go with all the clothes and outfit combinations you own.  

Tip 5 : Length matters

The length of your chain or earning and even the straps of your handbag matter to your outfit. For simple or low-cut tops, short necklaces work great but with higher necks, a sleek, long chain that reaches down to your bellybutton will really bring the outfit together. Your hairstyle also plays a role. For example, if you have short hair, long earnings work well. On the other hand, if you have long hair and wear it pulled back, smaller earring will work best. So try to consider your haircut and the cut of your dress when picking the right accessories.

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