Selecting the ideal fragrance for you

Do you have a signature scent? Having a special fragrance that works for you better than all the others does wonders for you. It can make you feel great and exude confidence because you know your perfume is with you and lingers around you, giving you that extra boost you need. Having a signature scent also casts a spell on those around you. From loved ones to work colleagues, everyone will recognize you before you even walk into a room.

How does one go about finding their signature fragrance? Here are some tips to help you discover a scent that’s meant to be yours truly. Let’s begin with three essential aspects you need to consider first:


What kind of person are you? Do you like the ocean or the jungles? Your personality is the first clue to finding out what kind of fragrance works for you


What is your average day like? Are you active and sporty or prefer to curl up with a book? Do you work long hours or do you party hard? This is what you consider second and can also lead to finding the right scent


Where do you live? In a tropical city or up in the mountains? Where are your usual vacation destinations? Where you are can also help you define the kind of fragrance that works

Once you have these questions answered, move onto what kind of scent works for you by understanding which category of fragrance works for you best.

Fresh scents

Things all things nature and pure. The family of fresh fragrances include notes like citrus (think of tangy, fruity essences) water (the scent of the ocean and beach) and lush green (like freshly cut grass and fallen leaves).  

Floral scents

Floral scents are the most popular and well-loved among all the fragrance categories. As its name suggests, these scents are distinct to the flowers they embody. There are soft floral scenes that combine mild oils and exotic florals that combine a hint of spice.

Wood scents

Imaging the scent of a forest –trees, wet earth and rainfall. Woody fragrances range from sandalwood, cedar and pine to spicy, nutty and like the scent of freshly sharpened pencils. Sometimes woody scents are combined with floral or fruity undertones for a subtle combined flavor.  

Exotic scents

Exotic scents combine unusual elements that can transport you to far off places in a single intake of breath. Think of heavy, exotic florals combined with sandalwood or vanilla – and even spice based tones. Exotic scents combine to create a luxurious and distinct fragrance unlike any other.  

Now that you’ve got the basics down, all that’s left is for you to call up the girls and head off for a day of shopping. When you start trying on scents, remember to not try more than three of four and give yourself small breaks between them. Each scent needs to sit with you for a while so you can get to know what it feels like on your skin. Each fragrance works differently on different people so go back and try another one if the first doesn’t work. Just remember to not give up – your signature scent is out there, you just need to find it and make it yours!

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