Hair care 101: Useful tips for strong and healthy hair

We all dream of luscious locks that are smooth and strong! No matter the texture, color or length of our hair, we all want to maintain a hair regime that keeps our mane healthy and fabulous.  So how do we go about achieving beautiful hair that looks like it was done by the hands of a hairdresser? Read and follow these easy tips and tricks to having the perfect locks that you’ve always wanted.

Go natural!

Constantly using a hair dryer will make your hair dry and brittle over time. Try to dry your hair naturally so that it can stay hydrated whilst retaining moisture. If you must use a hair dryer due to time constraints, make sure to use it on the lowest setting possible so that it causes minimal damage to your hair.

Ditch the daily showers!

Washing your hair every day is a big no no as it strips away the natural oils and proteins needed to keep your hair and scalp healthy. It can cause hair to frizz leaving it fragile and damaged. However, how often you wash your hair depends entirely on your hair type, very oily hair might need washing more often than straight hair while curly hair needs to only be washed twice a week. If you do feel like you need to wash your hair often, try using a dry shampoo on your hair to keep it looking fresh.

Chop Chop!

One of the main tips for having healthy hair is to go for regular hair cuts. Trimming your hair every few months is the best solution to avoid nasty split ends and frizzy hair.

Protection Please!

Try to minimize the use of heated hair tools such as curlers, straighteners and hair dryers as it can cause damage to your hair. If you must use it, be sure to use a heat protector to safeguard your hair from heat and UV rays.

Find what works!

The hair care routine you must follow and the hair care products you should use will always differ from person to person depending on their hair texture and length. Do some research and figure out your hair type and a routine that helps keep it healthy and strong, along with the most suitable products to keep your hair shiny and strong.

Toss that towel

While regular towels are great for drying your body, it can cause damage to your hair. Therefore it is important to take extra care when towel drying your hair. Invest in a micro-fibre towel which is made with softer material than a regular towel, helping you to gently dry your hair while protecting it from breakage, damage and frizz.

Oil that hair

Regularly oiling your hair helps your hair stay moisturized and hydrated. For best results massage some Coconut Oil. Argan Oil, Almond Oil or Avocado Oil on to your hair and scalp, leave it on for an hour or so and then shower & condition.

Keep it cool

When washing your hair, always try to use lukewarm or cold water as hot water can damage your hair similar to the way heat styling tools do. Washing your hair with cold water will help close the hair cuticles and retain moisture.

Condition correctly!

Make sure to only use conditioner on the ends of your hair. Avoid conditioning the roots as this can create a lot of build up on the scalp.

Tie it up

Avoid using rubber bands and harsh elastics to tie your hair as it can pull on your hair and cause it to break. Use a soft hair tie or scrunchie to gently tie your hair. Try to minimize styling your hair in very tight buns, braids or ponytails.

Sleep on silk

Our hair can get tangled and damaged while we sleep because cotton pillowcases can be rough on your hair causing frizz and breakage. Use a silk or satin pillowcase or scarf to sleep in that will help keep it detangled and healthy.

Wide tooth combs work wonders

Our hair is prone to more damage when wet, therefore its recommended to use a wide tooth comb that will gently detangle damp or wet hair causing minimal damage.

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