5 Great handbags every girl should own

There’s isn’t a girl on the planet who doesn’t own a handbag – it’s a must have item in any woman’s closet. Handbags are the perfect accessory, completing a great dress or a minimal outfit without needing much else. The thing is – there are different types of handbags out there and getting to know what works best for your needs, what you’re carrying and where you’re going can make a world of difference in your total look.

You don’t need to own a suitcase full of handbags – we know they cost and we also know owning every bag in every color is unnecessary.  There are a few, simple essentials that will complete your closet to suit just about everything you want to wear. Let’s get to know them?

The Tote bag

The tote is totally awesome in many ways. They are large and usually square shaped, providing space for carrying around a lot of essentials while still being stylish to carry around. In fact, its mid-length straps are great for carrying a tote up on your shoulder or down in your hands. Great for a long day at the office, and afternoon of shopping and even an evening of out.

The Crossbody bag

A crossbody bag gives you a hands-free handbag experience. A fun, casual bag that you throw over one shoulder and wear across your body to sit on the other side. Perfect to pack your little knickknacks, this relatively small bag is also a good option when you work on the go and need to carry more than one thing, because you literally have you hands free. Sling one on the next time you’re heading out.   

The Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is an all-time favorite. Sitting size-wise between the cross body and tote, this medium bag with its short straps are meant to be worn on shoulder as its name suggests – but many also wear it midway down their arms in the elbow-fold. The classic shoulder bag is a must have for any woman’s closet and come in a variety of colors and materials.

 The Baguette bag

The Baguette Bag gets its name from the classic French bread variety because it seems to resemble one. The versatile, small, rectangular bag with its short straps works as a casual outing bag thrown over the shoulder and even as an evening wear purse if you’re wearing something minimal and depending on the material it is made of like leather or lined with like silk.

The Clutch bag

Made for glamorous and stylish evenings from parties to weddings, the clutch – as its name suggests – is worn clutched at the wrist, in your palm and worn to one side. The clutch is a small handbag that is usually available without a strap, even in cases where thin, long straps are available. The fashionable clutch bag is a perennial favorite among the most stylish woman who bring them out to play only on special occasions and formal events.

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