Yoga for glowing skin

 With countless benefits to your overall well- being yoga is practiced around the world, to help heal the mind, body and soul. While yoga helps you remain alert, mindful and agile, Facial yoga helps reduce skin face problems through a more holistic approach.

Combined with eating fresh wholesome food, exercising, and leading a healthy balanced life, Facial yoga can help you look radiant on the outside while keeping you feel good inside.

Stretching your face with yoga on a regular basis will help relax, tone and boost your skin while resettling your face muscles. Readthrough for some easy facial yoga poses to help you have supple and healthy skin all year long!

The Double V

Get rid of droopy eyelids and the bags under your eyes with The V.

Make a peace sign with both of your hands, while placing the middle fingers on the inner edge of your eyebrows and the index finger on the outer corners of your eyebrows. Apply pressure gently while looking upwards and squinting.

The Fish Face

Remember doing this as a kid? Well, do it now to help tone your skin! Suck in the insides of your cheek, hold for a few seconds while keeping your eyes wide open. Blink and release the pose. Repeat this about five to six times.

The Eyelids

Help minimize the drooping of eyelids by stretching it to keep it firm. Look upwards and raise your eyebrows simultaneously. Then gently close your eyelids while still looking up.

Smooth the brow

Keep your brows smooth and tight by placing both your hands on the forehead facing inwards. Make sure that your fingers are spread out between the eyebrows and hairline. Sweep your fingers outwards across the forehead, apply light pressure. Repeat ten times.

The Flirty Eyes

Heal deep hollow eyes and drooping eyebrows by placing an index finger under each eye, pointing towards the nose. Form an ‘o’ with your mouth and hide your teeth. Look up at the ceiling for 30 seconds while fluttering your upper eyelids.

The Giraffe

Help tighten lines and loose skin on your neck by looking straight ahead, placing your fingertips on the bottom of your neck and stroking the skin downwards with your head tilted back. Repeat three times. Then just out the lower lip as far as possible and place your fingertips on the collarbone with the chin pointing upwards. Hold for five breaths.

The Kiss and Smile

Push out your lips as much as you can and smile widely. Repeat this at least 15 times per day. This can help improve the downward drift in your jaw and cheeks.

Puffy Cheeks

This simple movement of the cheek muscles can help prevent your cheek look plump and less hollow. Inhale through the mouth and send your breath from cheek to cheek and then release.

Smile and chant ‘Ohm’

Help calm the mind and relax your face muscles by gently chanting Ohm. Close your eyes while smiling slightly and keep chanting Ohm.

The Lip Plumper

Helps to maintain your lips look plumper by repeating this exercise 5-6 times a day. Tilt your head back, pucker your lips tightly and push forward. Hold the pose for ten seconds, release and repeat.

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