Our Ingredients

Aloe Vera

An incredible green plant with a gel-like substance, Aloe Vera is renowned in the world for its amazing array of beauty and well-being benefits.

With an abundance of healing and antibacterial properties along with vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, antioxidants and enzymes, regular use of Aloe can help reduce acne, calm sunburns, heal wounds, treat dry skin and bug bites while helping your skin stay hydrated and moisturized.

Kasthuri Kaha

A key ingredient in many of our products, Kasthuri Kaha also known as Wild Turmeric is loaded with antibacterial properties making it an essential ingredient in any skincare routine. Regular use of Kasthuri Kaha can help prevent wrinkles, reduce dark spots, slow down signs of ageing, clear acne and pimples leaving you with blemish-free radiant skin.


Extracted from the Santalum tree, Sandalwood has an array of therapeutic and healing properties making it a magical elixir that can do wonders for your skin. From soothing irritated and inflamed skin to preventing signs of ageing, Sandalwood can also help get rid of pimples and acne while locking in hydration to keep your skin looking firm and youthful.

Bee’s Honey

We use the highest quality of Natural Bee’s Honey in all our products to give your skin the treatment it deserves. With a number of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Bee’s Honey can help reverse the signs of ageing, reduce eczema, heal wounds and abrasions while giving your skin a boost to stay bright and problem-free.


Nelli, also known as Indian Gooseberry, has an abundance of benefits for your skin, hair and overall health. When used on skin on a regular basis, Nelli can visibly improve your skin with its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat acne, correct uneven skin tone, reduce skin pigmentation and remove dead skin cells.


One of the most refreshing and cooling ingredients ever, Cucumber has an array of benefits and is ideal for any skin type. Loaded with antioxidants, cucumber is known to lighten dark spots, correct uneven skin tone, hydrate and refresh your skin, shrink pores and prevent acne.