Why choose us?

We at ICL are passionate that all our products, be they imported or locally manufactured, are of the highest standard and cater to a diverse range of clientele. Our service to the industry and society does not stop at production and distribution of goods but extends to the many conceptual breakthroughs and technological innovations designed and implemented through the years.

It is our privilege to take on board bright, enthusiastic, determined individuals, out-of-the-box
thinkers and the most competent specialists to be a part of our team.


ICL Brands (Private) Ltd, better known as ICL, first started off as MR distributors back in the 1940s. It kicked off with the distribution of products such as Yale locks, Parker pens and inks, Chesebrough-Pond's cosmetics and toiletries etc. The company has transformed over the years, first into The Maharaja Organization (Distributors) Ltd in 1972 to ICL Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, and with the establishment of its first factory in 1981 until very recently to International Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd. As of the 1st of the July 2020, the company was rebranded as ICL Brands
(Pvt) Ltd to best suit the plethora of brands catering to the FMCG sector.

Today, the company holds a platinum track record in delivering the finest of internationally sourced and locally manufactured products to consumers, and operates as a member of The Capital Maharaja Organization, a valued household name for every Sri Lankan.

ICL stands proud of its research & development teams whose service over the years has helped bring the latest innovations to the Sri Lankan market. It is heeded as a strong, dynamic organization providing consumers with a diverse range of quality brands that cater to all ends of the market, be it the masses or the niche.

Head office

ICL is an idea hub where innovative concepts are born, efficient processes are enabled and where diverse industrial components are interlinked with one another. From the lead management right down to the individual workman, we at ICL are passionate about bringing the best to our customers. Our Head Office is the central point of ICL Brands (Pvt) Ltd where strategic decisions and administration services are carried out. It is home to the far reaching and diverse divisions of the company including Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Finance as well as the Legal and Audit Unit.