ICL Brands (Pvt) Ltd. is transforming industrial production through the integration of the state-of-the-art technologies, advanced organizational structures, and dynamic processes within its factories.

ICL's design principles and strategic outlook has enabled the organization to successfully coordinate all aspects of its plant operations and efficiently manage their supply chains from the point of supplier to the customer. ICL gives prime focus to developing and investing in IT infrastructure, the latest machinery and equipment as well as growing a strong leadership and trained employees to produce and distribute the highest quality products available in the market.

ICL has a striking lineup of cosmetic products such as fragrances for both men and women, hair care products including gels and creams, hand sanitizers and a delightful range of baby products consisting of colognes, talc, and creams. These are designed and produced in a comprehensive manufacturing facility, fully fledged with advanced Swiss technology. The tub filling and foiling procedures of the cream and gel products are carried out through a fully automated production line and the hair creams produced for Black Knight undergo an up-to-date process known as cool emulsion; yet another unique production method utilized by ICL. In the year 2008, innovative sachets were introduced for hair cream and hair gel products with an all new non-alcohol composition.

ICL is recognized as an integral player for a range of personal care products such as Black Knight, Voodoo and leading baby care brands such as Rebecca Lee. It has also most prominently been home to Eva, the foremost sanitary napkin brand in the Sri Lankan market for over 3 decades. All raw material is sourced from the world’s best suppliers across China, India, Canada and USA and are manufactured using state-of-the-art German technology. With the adaptation of RFI technology for the manufacturing process, “Eva Wings” was introduced to the market as an enhanced product. Today this cutting-edge technology and machinery has enabled the production of over 800 sanitary pads per minute with world-class hygiene standards.

ICL's cologne manufacturing sources its key ingredients from the world’s best fragrance suppliers in the UK, Italy and France. The fragrances are imported as oils and are mixed with essential ingredients to produce a vibrant assortment of perfumes and colognes unique to the Sri Lankan market. In 2008, the cologne segment achieved a new level of innovation being introduced to the market in a sachet form.

At its inception, the factory was launched with a modest staff of 75 members. Today, geared with its profound technology and machinery, over 220 members are employed within the manufacturing plant alone. In only a few decades, the organization has stretched its roots to every corner of the market with a versatile brand assortment.

International quality standard certification ISO 9001: 2015.

This global certification of quality standards was achieved by the ICL for the seamless and innovative production methods followed in manufacturing sanitary and cosmetic products.

Manufacturing and Registration License for all products manufactured in Sri Lanka: Includes Eva, Black Knight, Voodoo, Rebecca Lee, Secrets and Safe Guard Hand Sanitizing Gel.

Registration and Import License issued through the National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka for imported products: Including Safe Guard Adult Diaper, Bambi Diapers and Rebecca Lee diapers.

The ICL BRANDS (Private)Ltd hold a GMP Good manufacturing practice certification for Eva Sanitary Napkin issued by National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka

In 2016, ICL earned SLS certification 111:2009 for sanitary towels, which have been a mark of quality and high-standard for Eva Sanitary napkins since.

Quality Affirmation

ICL Brands Pvt Ltd will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirement and expectations of our consumers. We will actively pursue continuous quality improvement by adopting latest state of art technology in every sphere to deliver the highest quality devices, Personal Care and Household products while assuring their performance consistency, safety and complying all of statutory & regulatory requirements worldwide.

Health and Safety

ICL takes the health and safety aspect of all its facilities, services and employees very seriously.

All facilities including factories, warehouses, transportation and delivery services, are enabled with health guidelines and safety precautions. The manufacture and movement of goods is handled by professionals and the company carries out regular checks on the implementation of health and safety protocol required to carry out these functions.