Driving Growth Through Sustainability

The ICL network brings together a range of superior-quality local and international brands that help make your life exciting, enjoyable, and enriched. We are a trusted name, acclaimed over generations and renowned for our reliable methods of sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering the best and most sought out brands to our customers.

Enriching and empowering the female community

At ICL, everyone matters! We aspire to build an equal and inclusive environment, one that provides opportunity and transformation, and a work ethic that leaves no one behind.

Our female majority workforce from the top management right down to our ground level staff at both the head office and our ICL factories, is a reflection of the prominence and value we place on our female employees as well as our consistent efforts in providing equal employment opportunities for all.

Our commitment to empowering women expands further, creating awareness and advocacy on female health and hygiene as well as safety and quality assurance through the  products we manufacture and distribute to women around the island.

Building and grooming male generations

The ICL culture is progressive and futuristic. We encourage all men to become socially responsible citizens because change and empowerment is the responsibility of all.

Our male grooming products are effective and impactful, supporting and reshaping younger generations to embrace finesse and sophistication, a progressive and necessary change in our society.

We inculcate exemplary practice and values within our male workforce that drive them to make a genuine and continued contribution towards developing an equitable and inclusive nation. It is their responsibility too, to lead their company, community and the world towards growth and prosperity.

Bridging the gap between people and the planet

In this post-modern era, society is increasingly moving away from the beauty, balance and benefits of nature towards a digital and technology driven future. ICL strives to bridge this gap, using natural extracts and ingredients in a range of products containing herbal, healthcare and ayurvedic elements. Through products balanced and built upon delightful elements of nature, we bring our customers closer to the spirit of their surroundings, drawing them towards the healing essence and holistic benefits of the earth. ICL takes you back to your roots.

Sustainable Profits

Our legacy relies on our generosity towards future generations, reflected essentially by what we leave behind. This is why ICL follows a no damage or destruction policy, prioritising the preservation of the earth over personal gain.

ICL engages in environment friendly business operations and organisational processes. We are truly committed to sourcing and manufacturing environment friendly products that can be reused/ recycled, and investing in cutting edge technologies and manufacturing facilities that are sustainable and nature friendly.

We enable growth and progress through sustainable profits, pledging to give back to the planet and to our future generations.