Which Dog Breed is For You?

They’re man’s best friend, and there are as many breeds as you’d want.

Our current stay home situation has essentially been heaven for our canine friends. Out of nowhere, their best friend is at home EVERY DAY; this must be a dream! But what if you don’t own a dog? Or you’re on the fence about adopting a new furry friend? Whatever the case may here, we’ve matched some of the more common personality types with the dogs best suited for them!

Logic-Oriented and Organized

The folks in this category are generally the ones in charge of the order. Meaning that while some are more along with the creative slice of life, these people prefer to deal with objective facts and hard truths. We don’t mean these people are difficult by any means, just that they are more oriented to being organized than not. Well, it’s good news then that there are canine friends plenty.

The ideal dog for logic-oriented individuals tends to be confident and quite sure of themselves. They may be difficult to train initially but are sharp as a whistle when the gloves are off. Some breeds include:


These furry friends are hard-wired to be the boss of the situation, and they don’t like taking no for an answer. They tend to be quite confident in their ability to assert themselves (even if it is sometimes not needed) and quickly judge those they deem to be inferior to them.

Suppose you decide to adopt and train a lovable Pekingese. In that case, they are some of the most intelligent and well-mannered canines around.

Honorable Mentions:

Bull Terrier (Medium)

Boston Terrier (Small)

Ambitious and Outgoing

Blessed by nature with the gift of the gab, these people are always outgoing. If you fit into this category, you’re more likely to be found in social situations where your extra version gives you the confidence to charm just about anybody. Dogs that bond well with these types of people are breeds that naturally emulate similar characteristics. These breeds are naturally very friendly and are well within their comfort zone being around people (and very often being the center of attention!). If you’re a people person, you’re going to want a people-dog.


You’re not going to find a more energetic, love for life type of dog like a beagle. They adore the attention they get both from their caregivers and extended friends/family. Be careful with these little ones, as without receiving the attention they crave oh so dearly, they’re liable to go off on adventures of their own. Although, if given the proper care – beagles are truly lovable companions.

Honorable Mentions:

American Foxhound (Medium)

Rhodesian Ridgeback (Large)


Easy-Going All the Way

If you find yourself a more go with the flow type of person, this probably applies to you. These people are the last ones you’d expect to see in the middle of a confrontation. Passionate, adventurousness, and friendliness are the name of the game for these people. As the easy-going types strive for a more relaxed environment, their ideal dogs should pretty much do the same thing. These dogs are (just like our previous bunch) friendly to a fault. But in turn, they make some of the most lovable companions out there.

Labrador Retriever

This one was a pretty tough call between Labradors and their golden brethren. Both breeds are super friendly – always up for an adventure or even just napping – Labradors clutch the win due to a lower maintenance nature.

Honorable Mentions:

Golden Retriever (Medium-Large)

Cocker Spaniel (Small)


Remember, these aren’t set-in-stone guidelines. Whichever breed you choose will always grow into faithful, lovable companions you can’t find anywhere else.


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