‍Usain Bolt: Faster than the Wind

The man, myth, legend, and probably the fastest human on the planet when writing this. 

Etched mythos is the story of a man who transcended the boundaries of borders and went on to become a world champion. Growing up anywhere from the seventies to the mid-two-thousands, many of us have heard about arguably the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt. As a case study of peak performance in the athletic industry, we thought we’d take a deep dive into the life of a man who is literally faster than the wind! (Note: the global average windspeed being around 18kmph, and Bolt’s being roughly 44kmph)

Origin Story

Growing up in Sherwood Content, a small town in Jamaica, nobody could have known outright the triumph in his future. While his parents ran a small grocery store in rural Jamaica, Bolt usually played cricket and football (skills very evidently transferred into adulthood). Growing up and participating in as many sports as possible, it increasingly became apparent that young Bolt was something special. And even though it was shown that he loved the previous two sports, he was urged by his parents and coaches alike to pursue a passion for track and field. While his successes may appear to have appeared out of thin air overnight, this was a dream that was decades in the making.

A Foot in the Door

While still in his teen year (15 to be exact), Usain Bolt of Sherwood Jamaica was a prodigy. During the 2002 World Junior Championships, Bolt raced to a crowd of around36,000 in Jamaica’s national stadium, nabbing himself the Youngest Ever Male World Junior Champion title. Through the rest of his adolescent years, Bolt mastered the craft of the sprint. Winning championship after championship, gold medal after gold medal, even breaking records before his Olympic glory. Through trials and tribulations, injuries and roadblocks, the spirit of a champion burned fast and hot, much like the prime philosophy of O3!

The 9.69 Legacy

The 2008 Olympic Games was the grandest stage for the finest athletes on the planet. Although most famous for his legendary 100-metre dash, Bolt competed and broke records in three separate events. First is the 100-metre dash. He decimated the competition and broke the world record with a time of 9.69sec while having started his victory celebration 80-metres into the race. The 200-metre, another decisive victory where Bolt swept through the competition. Arguably a notable underrated moment, however, is the 4 x 100m relay. In the relay, Bolt was the second-to-last member of his team to make the sprint. After handing the bat onto his teammate, who would take it across the line, Bolt casually runs in the same direction to the finish line BEATING the last competing member of the race.

The Ethos of Bolt

While this meteoric rise may seem like it asks for a lot from a man, Usain Bolt is known to keep his cool and enjoy the moments as they pass. He frequently talks about his downtime, along with his fondness for chicken nuggets! One and the same with the spirit of O3, Bolt’s energy and high-spiritedness for life drove him to places unimaginable, soaring through the heights of Olympic titans. All done, with a smile on his face everlasting.

When all is said and done, it’s safe to say Usain Bolt defines an entire generation of athletes on a global scale and will most likely go down in the history books.

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