About Us

Launched in 2014, the youngest entrant into the male grooming sector is O3. This venture represents a surge of youthful energy. The vitality present in youth is at the core of the O3 lifestyle, and the aim is to bring freshness into the lives of men and encourage them to face life’s challenges with adrenaline pumping.

O3 emerged at a time where men were just beginning to fully realize the potential of aesthetics and grooming. This is a time where brands are only starting to compete in the baggage fragrance space. From its inception, O3 lead the charge in fresh, revitalizing fragrances that would be carried far beyond the normality of life, with a packaging design that reflected this ethos whole-heartedly to boot.

O3 is a daring rendition of fragrance and Hair Styling Products. It speaks to the bold and the adventurous, specifically designed to augment the lifestyle of those who, aside from professional goals, seek to face the challenges of life with energy and fervor. O3 compliments the daring nature of the individual with carefully curated ingredients that bring the most out of life and fill it with spirit.

With the coming years, O3 aims to bring about a new wave of energy-packed odor aesthetics. Coming in hot with a cool, sleek sense of self, O3 is firmly rooted in vigor, but remains grounded in reality.

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