Which Console is Right for You? (PS5 or Xbox Series X)

It’s that time of the decade again. New consoles are right on the horizon and hitting the new systems while they’re hot is the only way you’re going to be able to enjoy the latest and greatest Sony and Microsoft (and maybe some others) have to offer. Both the big daddies of the console space (Sony and Microsoft) have already launched their hot new consoles, and this time around there are some big differences coming in. Both consoles are pulling no punches when it comes to power and both have a smattering of graphics jargon for enthusiasts. If you’re a little lost as to where you should start and where you want to go with your gaming pastime, don’t worry, we got you covered with the basics to get you started the right way.


Sony has been rock-solid during the last console generation and was arguably the leader in the gaming space, with stellar first party titles and exclusives that garnered critical acclaim every which way. Their newest entry into the PlayStation pantheon came in the way of the PS5. Rocking some sleek visual appeal and all the bells and whistles you would expect from Sony, the PS5 is already on its way to becoming a great addition in your living room. If exclusive titles are your scene (Currently speaking, Spiderman: Miles Morales and the Demon Souls Remake), you can’t go wrong with the PS5. God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the acclaimed Spiderman franchise are well within your wheelhouse should you go with the Sony route and judging by their track record, you’re golden.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

With a less than stellar last generation, Microsoft is looking to blast back into the scene in a big way. Boasting a slightly more powerful console overall than Sony’s flagship, the future only looks bright for Xbox enthusiasts everywhere. Alongside this, recently Xbox has been flaunting their new Game Pass service, which functions essentially like a Netflix for Games where you can pay a subscription fee and download any game currently sitting in their library. A markedly different approach than Sony’s for sure, but what we get in turn is two different consoles for two different kinds of gamers.

Some Honorable Mentions

If none of the above entries interest you, there are some other options for the discerning gamer. Nintendo’s Switch range would be ideal for those who want to either take their gaming on the go, or simply could not live without playing Nintendo’s exclusive first party titles (Such as any in the Mario or Zelda franchise). Likewise, if you’re in it for the Xbox but are finding it hard to stomach $500, you could opt for the smaller-scale Xbox Series S. The series X takes a low-key turn with slightly reduced graphics for basically a $200 discount, making it on par with the price of a Nintendo Switch.

To Sum Up

Either way you cut it; the next generation of consoles can only look up from here. If you’re already a die-hard PlayStation savant or you just really love the PS’s first party titles, this article isn’t going to sway you into buying into Microsoft, so you do you. If you’ve grown up on Xbox or you love the idea of a Netflix-style gaming service piques your fancy, go Xbox. And for the more risqué gamers out there, there’s the Series S that has yet to really show its mettle but thus far looks promising, and the Nintendo Switch for when you want something portable and a little quirkier. You can’t really go wrong with any, and whichever you pick will most likely be a solid pastime investment.

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