How to Kill it on Arm Day

 Heading out to pump some serious reps? A few pointers here before you go.

One of the key points of attraction in men tends to be arms. Having your upper body parts being some of the most used sections of your body during the day means that keeping them in tiptop shape allows you to do more and for longer, what ever it is that you choose to do. Arm exercises are generally some of the most enjoyed portions of an exercise schedule because those sections of the body are most immediately noticeable after working out, but also don’t require the same amount of endurance as cardio and leg days tend to ask for. These following tips are meant to augment your already existing schedule and will assume you’ve already started the arm day journey.

Skimping on Curls

A staple of the arm workout armory are curls. As simple as they come off, they’re as effective as it gets. What many aspiring gymgoers forget is to pay close attention to form and contraction. If you’re lifting whilst your elbows are moving from their stationary position, you’re doing yourself a disservice as strain is unnecessarily being put on your joints. It’s a great idea to take a moment in between reps to check if your form is up to par to get the best results.

Not Build for Your Back

The back is the singular most important framework your body needs to run its day-to-day operations. The back does a lot for the body and you’d be surprised at just how strong it can be given the right circumstances. It’s for this reason that a common mistake a lot of beginners tend to make is heavily relying on the back to provide the support to lift weights. Using the back, and the momentum created therein, makes lifting weights infinitely easier but can lead to some serious back problems in the future. Gradual wear and tear on the back can and will lead to a bevy of problems, some of the most common being, growing back pains.

Get Back in the Action

Exercise at its core is technically ripping your muscles to allow for it to self-repair. What happens because of this repairing process is that the muscle gets incrementally stronger with each new stress session. Straining yourself too often can lead to irreparable damage to your arms. However, that may be so, but your arms are some of the fastest recovering parts of the body, and as such should be exercised every 2-3 days depending on the intensity of your exercise regimen.

Contraction is Key

As we briefly mentioned before, focusing on the contraction of your muscles can really make or break your routine. While you may be tempted to blast through the arm workouts at full speed, keep in mind that going at as lower pace and paying attention to the way your muscles expand and contract will produce faster results and stronger arms.

This is not a comprehensive guide by any means, but they are just a few things you should remember next time you’re heading out to the gym or prepping your weight workouts at home.

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