Diet Basics

Looking to get into dieting? Get your fundamentals down here

Whether it’s to lose a few pounds or to gain some muscle, your road to fitness is only half-won with exclusively exercise. Much of exercise’s effectiveness comes from following a good diet that will regulate what and how much you fuel your body with. It may seem quite daunting at first to dive head first into the world of dieting. So, what we’re going to do is get some preliminary information out of the way so you can be a little surer as to which path you want to take. 

Let’s break down every type of diet into categories according to what you’re looking to achieve. All bodies aren’t built the same, and the same likewise goes for diets. 

Don’t be your own warden!

If you don’t enjoy the foods you’re consuming, with pretty much any diet, chances are that the diet will fail. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll be suffering in silence scarfing down food that you hate. Trust us, the possibilities with healthy food are essentially endless, as such there will be something for everybody given the appropriate amount of research. Just keep in mind that while it is technically possible to live a healthy life solely on junk food, these types of food are designed to make you crave more post-meal, so plan accordingly.


Fruit & Vegetables

These sorts of diets are usually designed to improve your energy and immune system to keep you going for longer. These diets tend not to show as much evident visual progress as others, but the flipside is that they are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals and will make you feel better overall, filling you with energy. Not only that, but you’ll find that with these diets, the rate in which you get sick will dramatically reduce.


High Proteins.

This one’s for the gymgoers out there! If you’re thinking about sculpting your body and transforming yourself visually, there’s nigh no better way than high protein diets. The basis for many high protein diets is cutting down on carbohydrates. Loading up on carbs for weeks on end may be lavishly delicious but can sometimes have disastrous effects long-term. High protein diets don’t cut carbs out completely, as that could lead to reduced levels of energy throughout the day, they instead regulate it to controllable levels.

Keep it simple.

Try to avoid keeping such a strict diet that you end up starving yourself over, a lot of diets don’t require you to eat less often (legitimate ones at least!). Along those same lines, don’t take cheat days too hard, because they do help you both psychologically therefore physically. While having entire cheat WEEKS may not be the optimal course of action, taking a couple of days off to indulge most likely won’t affect your progress as much as you think.

What we suggest is to take a few days to do some thorough research and really set yourself up to experiment for a few weeks and really nail what it is that you’re trying to achieve and how you want to go about doing it. Stay healthy!

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