The Essentials

Black Knight encapsulates the essence of the male grooming experience from head to toe. We cover the breadth of the shaving experience, from the foam that shields the skin, the after shave that revitalizes the senses, right down to the blades that glide across the face. Black Knight grooms the mane, both head and face, to represent individuality at the heart-level. All culminating in the time-honoured Black Knight armoury, from the perfumes and talc that entices the senses and brings about the nobility of the Knight, to a hair styling line that elegantly grooms the mane to truly bring out a man’s inner confidence.


The Black Knight range of perfumes were crafted with elegance and sophistication at its core. Ranging from light eau de toilette scents to a higher intensity eau de parfum, Black Knight uses time-honored techniques to create fragrances for the men who are ready to tackle life’s hurdles head on.

pocket perfume


Eau De Parfum



Topping off what makes one uniquely a man, after shave provides the refreshing epilogue of the shaving experience. Black Knight’s selection of splashes gives you the boost you need to make your mark.

HAIR styling

The mark of a man is his mane. Whether slicked back or side parted, our selection of smooth hair creams and hair gels keeps your hair looking sleek all throughout the day.


The shaving experience is the essence of a man’s rite of passage. The Black Knight Shaving range covers the breadth of facial grooming, from rich foams and smooth creams right through to the razors that safely glide across the skin’s surface to give the cleanest shave.


Designed with warmer climates in mind, talc keeps the body feeling fresh long after applying. Talc is unique as it absorbs moisture and keeps skin feeling fresh and fragrant throughout the whole day. Black Knight’s blend is as easy on the skin as it is refreshing. Make your mark, all day.