Tips to Optimize Your Workflow

If you’re finding it hard to compartmentalize your workflow, have a read!

Ever had one of those days when you can’t focus no matter what you do? You try to sit down for a good work session where you can plan the week’s activities and dictate and delegate how exactly you’re going to run the life you want to lead. While getting in the zone, as we call it, is no easy feat to accomplish when you’re actively seeking it, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process a little bit!


Focus On the Task, Eliminate Everything Else

We all know the woes of getting distracted. One moment you’re in the zone, working like a well-oiled machine, but then out of nowhere comes a phone call that demolishes your concentration. One of the main elements of living a more focused, minimalist life is eliminating all distractions from your workspace that could prove disastrous to your attention. Be it your phone, tablet, or even a bobblehead sitting on your desk, try to keep your workspace filled with ONLY the things related to work itself. You’ll notice an immediate boon in focus.

(Bonus tip: if you can, rather than eliminate, turn distractions into a sort of reward for your focus, you’d be integrating a negative into a net positive.

Multitasking is the Productivity Killer

You may know situations where you’re working on a laptop, maybe Netflix playing on the TV, while you’re listening to music with one ear, all while scrolling social media on your phone. Although it may make you seem like an absolute champion being able to use everything at once, it detracts from your creativity and productivity tenfold. Multitasking stretches the mind thinner than it would otherwise be while trying to work. To get the most out of your allotted work time, Focus on one task at hand because you’ll be able to let your creativity and productivity flow therein.


The Power of Clear Goals

What are we in life if not a hierarchy of values and the pursuit of goals? While setting one singular goal is often the most optimal way to work, the philosophy extends to even the most meagre tasks to do during a day. When you find yourself at a loss where you can’t concentrate, try and set goals (big and small) that have to do with the task. Not only will you feel much better each time you hit a target, but you’ll be getting closer to the job’s completion at a more consistent pace! Now, this line of thinking extends far beyond the realm of workflow and can be the grassroots foundation to propel yourself quite far in life!


Talk, Talk, Talk!

Now this one is going to be a last-ditch effort to try and augment your workflow experience. If you find yourself unable to pace yourself consistently workwise, talk it out with someone! When distractions and thoughts are floating around your head unattended, they can manifest themselves in a way that will be detrimental to your work. Whether speaking up to your cohorts or even thinking out loud, use your voice! Communication is how knowledge and wisdom come to life in our everyday lives. We are social creatures, after all!


Now, we’re not saying that maintaining a perfect workflow is going to be an easy escapade. Still, with a bit of practice in the right places, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a productivity savant! Patience, determination, drive.


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