A Tie for All Seasons

Why tie a tie? And which ones at that?

With countries slowly opening up in lieu of vaccinations and safety protocols, it's pretty much a certainty that the general populations' social lives will see a boom. With everyone safely at home during the pandemic, it's only a matter of time until nightlife, professional social settings, and other gathering start seeing a resurgence. If this is indeed the case, it's best to be ready for anything when it comes to going out in style to make an impression. And nothing makes a better impression than a well-made tie.

Let’s Unpack

When delving into the world of a more elegant, chic style, one always decides on whether or not they should wear a tie. These subtle pieces of elegance aren't limited to completely formal events either, as they could even be worn in a more professional setting, augmenting your already existing style. Of course, in an increasingly more casual world, there will always be exceptions, but a general rule with ties seems to be:

When presented with an event, if you find yourself asking whether or not you should be wearing a tie, wear one.

If you already follow the philosophy that you should ideally be overdressed than underdressed, you’ll already know why this is true. Because, when presented with an extreme circumstance, you'd be much better off coming off as someone you thought a little too much about what you wear rather than someone who doesn't care at all.

Business Casual

It is becoming increasingly apparent that companies are adopting a more business casual-centric style code in our modern-day. Why? Because in a more general sense, companies realize that you can get a lot more creativity and ingenuity from your workers when you let them express their style in a more sophisticated manner. It is for this reason that you should:

              Avoid novelty ties at all costs.

The key to business casual is subtlety. And as such, you should focus on a more minimal palate- ideally a single color tie, that compliments your already professional attire.

Impending Social Events

As our social lives start to open up again post-pandemic, you'll likely see a surge of social and networking events that capitalize on everyone's newfound freedom. These events are significant not only for making new friends but also for making new business associates and expand your ever-growing network. These situations are perfect for showing off your personality with the tie you wear, so you can essentially go crazy! While the options are virtually limitless, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you're shopping for a new tie:

            Knitties go great with general cocktail attire.

              Explore some animal prints to bring about a splash of color to your outfit.

              Find something that interests you, such as a hobby, and try to find a tie that expresses it wholeheartedly.

If anything, having a print on your tie that showcases your personality more colorfully makes for a great icebreaker when meeting new people.


Getting Ready for a Date

Now we don't mean that you should be going against the grain and going out when you shouldn't be (heard of the pandemic?),but as outings slowly become the norm again, it'll be a good idea to be prepared to look your best when you go out. While the title of this point explicitly says date, this also extends to a nice outing with your friends! If you're expecting to be somewhat sharply dressed, you don't want to come off like you just left work, so a more casual approach may be necessary.

            Skinny knit ties are perfect for sporting your stuff more elegantly.

              Narrow blade ties are also great additions to a chic look.

            Try something a little out of the box. Casual events are an excellent opportunity to test the waters!

More than anything, these sorts of casual events around familiar faces offer great chances to experiment with your style and get some valuable feedback to boot! Although if you are going out on a date, minimal always works to your advantage. In essence, take what you know about business casual and fuse a little bit of your personality to make a good impression!


Do keep in mind for any of the above tips that preparation with a bit of trial and error will make it so that you build a unique style that expresses what you love in life and your unique personality!


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