The Ultimate List of Tea Trivia

  • Did you know that Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world? After water, tea is the preferred drink of choice, beating coffee and fizzy sodas bya mile!
  • Did you know that tea dates back to almost 5000years? Historians state that Emperor Shen Nung from China discovered tea leaves back in 2732 B.C when the leaves from a tea tree accidentally blew into his pot of boiling water!
  • Did you know that tons and tons of tea is produced every year? Over 3 million tons of tea is produced across the world!
  • Did you know that tea is derived from a plant called Camellia Sinens is? While there are different varieties of this plant across countries and continents, ‘tea’ specifically comes from that one main plant.
  • Did you know that there are many varieties of Tea? There are over 1500 known varieties of tea!
  • Did you know that all tea is made from the same plant?
  • Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong tea is all made with leaves from the same plant! How it differs is the method of how the leaves are processed. Leaves are picked, cleaned and then oxidized. Black tea is the most oxidized while White tea is the least.
  • Did you know tea bags were invented in the United States?
  • Teabags were invented in 1908 by Thoma Sullivan who put tea in small silk bags to give samples to his customers. The customers mistakenly thought that the bags were meant to be put directly into the teapot, and thus! Teabags were invented by accident!
  • Did you know that the Dutch East India Company introduced Tea to the West? Tea used to be called Tay or Cha in its early days!
  • Did you know that Britain does NOT really have a long history with tea? Tea was an expensive drink in Britain and was only enjoyed by aristocrats in the 17th century. In late 1785, tea prices were reduced to become more affordable to everyone.
  • Did you know that herbal tea is not really tea? Since herbal tea is made with a combination of flowers, herbs and fruits, it is not classified as real tea.
  • Did you know that you should add your milk after the tea? First, you make the tea, then you add the Milk, that’s how the queen does it too!
  • Did you know that the oldest tea tree is over 3200years old? This ancient tree can be found in China in the Yunnan Province.
  • Did you know that Chrysanthemum tea is preferred in China and Korea? Its often consumed to seek relief from headaches and fever.
  • Did you know that tea was only used as medicine for years and years? It took about 3000 years for tea to become a regular, daily drink.
  • Did you know that tea contains caffeine? Tea has about ⅓ to ½ caffeine as coffee.
  • Did you know that tea might help you lose weight? Tea is sometimes used as a mild appetite suppressant!
  • Did you know that the finest green tea is produced during the first harvest? The first harvest is from early April to May.
  • Did you know that there is a special name for when tea leaves uncurl when you put hot water on it? It’s called the agony of leaves!
  • Did you know there was a name for the skill of foretelling the future by reading tea leaves? This is called ‘tassology’!
  • Did you know that Turkish people consume the most amount of tea? With the Irish coming in a close second!
  • Did you know that you can apply tea to soothe skin rashes? Apply some cold tea on rashes and sunburns to seek relief from pain.
  • Did you know that you could add flavor to your food with tea? Sprinkle some dry tea leaves over your charcoal to add more flavor to your BBQ meats.
  • Did you know that in the Himalayas, they add butter to the tea? Butter is added to milky Black Tea to help people living in high altitudes to stay hydrated. This tea is referred to as ‘Po cha’.

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