‍Sharpening Your Social Skills

Introvert at heart, but want to get conversing? Let’s have a look at the how!

Introverts and extroverts have many differences. Most people will neatly fit into one of those categories, even at some level. The truth is, the majority of the population are in the introvert category, with very few of us naturally having the gift of the gab where we can converse with anyone at any time. This one is for ones having a little trouble, so let’s dive straight in!


Be Interested Before Interesting

You may think that the best way to interact with others is always to have something interesting to say. But the fact of the matter is that being interested in your compatriots will yield many long-term benefits. People love talking about themselves, and at some level, you may feel the same way when describing your feelings. Likewise, it’s an inherent trait of humankind to be aggravated when being ignored. It could feel like you are voiceless and therefore passive. That’s why it’s always the best idea to practice active listening. Please pay close attention to the things your conversational partner is saying, and try to take a genuine interest in their interests. By doing this, you’ll find yourself having much richer conversations and much closer connections with your fellow man (or woman!).


Do & Read As Much As Possible

When approaching new people out in the world, even attending networking events, a really useful tool to have in your belt is a love of life and everything that comes with it. Read books to learn not only about history and our present-day, but works of fiction likewise that augment and boost your imagination to levels you never knew of before. Try to adopt new hobbies, expand your skillset, and grasp nuanced concepts and learn different perspectives. It cannot be understated the usefulness of having a wealth of knowledge to draw from in conversation. You not only come off as more intelligent, but will allow you to connect more easier to other peoples’ interest.


Smile and Learn a Name or Two

A picture paints a thousand words. Likewise, a lot of communication can happen without you even uttering a single word! You don’t exactly have to be a mentalist. Still, by adding a few things to your body language tool belt, you’ll find yourself being an unstoppable conversationalist in no time! Start small, with nothing but a smile, and you’ll immediately notice how much more approachable you become (and it’ll boost your confidence tenfold!) And small pro tip: Learn your conversational partner’s name and use it while you speak for an instant connection!


Giving & Receiving Compliments

How does it make you feel when someone says something nice about you? Pretty good, right? Now take the feeling and apply it to someone else, ideally someone with whom you’re conversing. Be careful not to take it too far, as too many compliments can make you come off as creepy! That said, try to say a few nice things here and there concerning something the other person’s interests. You’ll notice how much more open a conversation can become. It may even lead to more intimate discussions down the line! (Bonus tip: Learn to take compliments gracefully, and your confidence will start to soar)


The Sonder Effect

This one is pretty simple, and it is not much of a tip as a line of thinking that will go a long way in improving your social skills. It is the understanding that every person on the planet has a life that is as colorful as yours, filled with ups, downs, failures, and successes. Keeping this in mind will help you see the other person not as an ideal but as a real human being.


Reading tips on the internet is not automatically equal success socially. But keeping some of these in mind the next time you find yourself in social situations will make the experiences a little more tactile. Ultimately the best practice is to get out there and start experimenting! With that bombshell, we implore you to go out there and make a name for yourself!

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