Life Hacks 01 – Interview Tips

The Only Interview Tips You’ll Need                            

Arguably the most nerve-wracking part of the job process is the interview stage. You’re walking in blind (albeit not completely) with little knowledge of the work culture or even who the interviewer is for that matter. It’s good to know beforehand that an interview is not an art gallery showcase of yourself, and as such you don’t have to be completely anxiety-filled walking in, the interviewers are only people after all! With just a little wherewithal and a little homework beforehand, you’ll be more than confident enough to walk into the boardroom with your head held high, ready to tackle the most crucial part of finding a job.

As with anything that requires putting your foot through the door, the fundamental element of the interview process is going to be your level of confidence. If you know yourself well, be it your strengths, weaknesses, or even your interests for that matter, there’s a high chance you’ll ace the interview right off the bat, as many interviewers remember first impressions vividly.

We’ve gathered some of the best pieces advice that you may or may not already know, all carefully curated to give you the smoothest transition into any company, or industry, that you so choose.

Let’s get cracking.

Do your homework

Now, we don’t mean you should memorize endless lines of text or pull all-nighters studying, but a few key points in a company’s history stored in your memory bank will go a long way. A good place to start is a company’s social media pages. These ideally give you valuable insight into how a company operates, from the way they talk to their customers in the way of tonality, to the corporate culture within, where you’re effectively trying to make your way into. Essentially, find out some key features of the company that you think are great, plus even some things that they might be lacking (which you would so graciously offer to remedy).

Get your gear ready

Many employers would probably tell you that one of their most prevalent pet-peeves are interviewees who don’t bring along the proper paperwork into the interview. Even something as seemingly insignificant as bringing along a copy of your CV in addition to the one you’ve probably already sent, will show that you’re proactive and that you take your career seriously. If you’re vying for the corporate space, a good idea would be to bring along some sort of documentation of achievements, both professional and personal, and if you’re itching for the creative space, a portfolio is certainly a must.

Attune your attire

Long past are the days where you would be expected to dress up in your finest threads, dressing to impress not only your employer, but also your grandparents. Nowadays, you can’t go wrong with a little smart casual (with a little emphasis on smart). Dressing in smart casual, as opposed to full formal, shows that your life isn’t consumed by work, and that you have a vivid personal life to match your slick professional qualifications. Plus, it can work for most industries, giving you that flexible edge.

Confidence is key

This may seem obvious, but we wanted to impart with a little more than knowledge, be it a little wisdom. Everyone tells you to be confident, be yourself etc. But what you really need to remember is to act the same way you would greet a friend of a friend. The interviewer will most likely be someone (if you do get the job) someone you may bump into semi-regularly, and all-in-all they’re just a person much like yourself. They’ll come to work in the morning like you, go for lunch like you, and head home after work just like you, so you have all the reasons to walk into the interview like you yourself is the interviewer. Confidence might seem like the obvious answer, but hopefully you would have seen it in a new light after reading this.

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