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How to Run Your Meetings Like A Boss

Whether remotely, or in person, meetings can sometimes feel like a chore for both the conductor and the attendees. Sometimes even the whole day could be filled with one meeting after another with no end in sight. Some people even say that majority of meetings could be replaced with a well-timed phone call. Contrary to what a lot of people might think, a meeting that is well-conduced boosts employee productivity and really puts together minds working in a group setting.

Now, you might not be the CEO of the company or even a manager for that matter, but at some point, in the corporate world, you will inevitably be tasked with organizing and conducting a meeting. Showing off that you know how to run it like the boss you are will not only surely impress your immediate superiors, but also get the whole team on the same page in the best way.

At Signature, we’ve put together a small cheat sheet of sorts to get you well on your way to conducting the most confident, concise, and productive meetings you possibly can.

Know Your Goal

Often, this is the one thing that makes or breaks office meetings. Too often is the case where a meeting comes together for no reason than to talk about work. This can be magnified when having the meeting remotely, as everyone can sometimes be a little too comfortable wherever they might be. Having no clear objective leaves pretty much everything up in the air and is ultimately a waste of time. Whether it’s to go overcurrent projects underway, or delegating tasks to the relevant individuals, know your goal and stay on topic.

Prepare Thyself

This is a no brainer and doesn’t require much explanation. Have everything ready. From notes, to stat-based spreadsheets, keep all your resources collated in one place ready and waiting for when you may need it.

A Need to Know Basis

Although it might be fun to imagine yourself conducting a grand meeting of epic proportions to the entirety of your company, try to keep the attendees to a minimum. Invite only the relevant persons who are directly involved with the project at hand to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in the crowd. This becomes even more important when the meeting is online, as everyone’s internet connections may not be at their best.

Try Some Different Spaces

While the regular place to conduct meetings is the boardroom, try your hand at some more unconventional spaces. Coffeeshops, restaurants, and even the lunchroom can sometimes be the ideal space to really get the creativity juices flowing and encourage everyone in attending to be as comfortable as possible.

Short & Sweet

While some might find it tempting to slack off during long meetings and just mill about for an hour or two, the best meeting that produce the best results, often come from the most concise meetings. Stay on topic and don’t faff about on things that are not relevant to the goal you’re trying to achieve. And remember to leave some time after the meetings if anyone attending has questions or queries.

Hopefully after this, you’ll run your meetings like the boss you want to be (or already are!) and start making strides to make your career the way you want it.

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