World-Renowned Beards

When delving into the world of beards, do you ever find yourself lacking inspiration? Do you feel like the ones you see on a daily basis don't cut it bombastic-wise? Well, here at Black Knight, we've got some good news for you. We've compiled a list of some of the most iconic beards to have ever graced our storied history. 

We want to note that while we will take a deep dive into some iconic beards, this by no means implies that we agree with their ideology.

Nothing else matters but their beards.

(But we will briefly go over why they're famous, to begin with)

Abraham Lincoln

You aren’t going to find a beard deep-dive around that doesn't feature ol' Honest Abe. Spear heading American Politics and seen on posters from East to West, Abe's beard was iconic.

Lincoln's beard featured a layered bead rife with political prowess. It set itself apart at the time by removing parts of the facial hair not deemed necessary to the look. While it may not exactly hold up to today's standards, Abe's beard is a testament to a unique style.

Hulk Hogan

Anyone growing up in the seventies and eighties with a keen eye for pro-wrestling will have heard of this man. If you hadn't guessed from the sub-title, we're talking about Hulk Hogan.

Hogan defined an entire generation of fight performances. And his most famous bouts have garnered worldwide publicity. But what about Hogan stands as his most iconic feature?

It's the Stache.

While often seen on bikers' faces, Hulk Hogan turned a stereotypical rowdy-do into a chicer force. His blonde hair, coupled with the fine-tuned edges of a thick Stache, became a symbol of Hogan.

Karl Marx

Whether you disagree with his divisive political views, one can't argue the sheer majesty upon the face of Karl Marx.

Regardless of his latent ideological views, Karl Marx was a modern genius. He was a theorist, philosopher, historian, and political figurehead. All this meant that his beard had to reflect who he was as a person.

And as a person, he was most likely intense, reflective, and intelligent - his beard should be an extension of this. With a thick black moustache resting on a fortress of aged grey hair, this beard defies the laws of physics. If one can emulate this sort of beard in a modern context, he may be the next big disruptor. Who knows?

Charles Darwin

The innovator and poster boy for evolutionary biology - Charles Darwin needs no introduction. Darwin is famous for the idea that all species known to man had been evolving to the creatures today.

With a long, white facial mane, Charles Darwin's beard is the very embodiment of wisdom. Illustrated by Albus Dumbledore and Gandalf the White Wizard, this beard symbolizes the knowledge, insight, and experience one can hold through their life. Rocking this beard is no easy feat, and we applaud those who pull it off.

Santa Claus

What beard-list is complete without our favorite bundle of cheer himself? From childhood into adolescence, the spirit of Christmas embodied by Santa.

And what Santa Claus attire would be complete without his most iconic feature? The beard.

Santa's beard differs from image to image, but one thing always seems to remain. It's the sheer volume of beardry on display whenever someone adorns the attire. This sort of round, thick, great beard always seems to warm the heart and bring about a sense of childlike joy. A joy associated with a mug of hot chocolate and presents under the tree.

While this isn't ALL the iconic beards known to man, this is a good start for the philosophy. What did we learn from these fine works of facial art? It's that, while beards may seem like a basic addition to our biological attire, it is always essential to do a little something different... Something to showcase what makes you, you.

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