Why Do YOU Wear Fragrance?‍

Everyone has their own reasons as to why they wear fragrance. Much like the fact that no two people are the same, the same likewise goes for scents and fragrances. Some prefer a floral arrangement to soothe and mellow throughout the day, whereas some would prefer high intensity scents that shock and intrigue the palette. One thing is for sure either way, it’s that the simple fact of wearing a scent means that you’re willing to play around in appearance, physical or otherwise. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why people would wear a fragrance, who knows, some of these may even apply to you!

The Mood Enhancer

The complex makeup of scents makes uniqueness as abundant as in music. Where in music, notes float together in a manner that both compliments them on their own and even better together. In the same way, fragrance takes the audience on a journey of the senses (sometimes over oceans and seas!). In this way, picking the right fragrance is like picking your mood-music from a scent jukebox that enhances how you feel and how you tackle the day.


Very often is the case that the way you look on the outside is not for the satisfaction of those around you, but more so for yourself. We previously compared scent to the journey that music can take you, so in a similar fashion, we’ll compare wearing a scent to wearing a fitting suit that compliments your body. Probably looks great on the outside, but you feel even greater on the inside! Everyone’s natural scent is unique, and as such, a combination of your aroma with a fragrance, will produce a different effect for different people. Enjoying this personalized scent for yourself is the epitome of fragrance to some, and maybe at some level, even you?

One for All

Sometimes the simplest rationale is the right one for certain people. Wearing a fragrance adds to the mental image of you by others and having one that reflects your personality enhances your best attributes to show it off the world. There’s no need to feel bad about doing something for yourself, for others!

An Accessory

Phone, watch, ring, fragrance, all these items to some people are the fundamental accessories needed to go anywhere out of the house, and for good reason. Your choices in any one of those items are not only an extension of yourself, but also a form of self-expression where you can bring out your personality in ways not immediately obvious. The limitless possibilities of fragrance accord combinations mean that you can show off the true you in a near infinite number of ways!


The thrill of tinkering and experimenting is the just the right motivation for some to bring our who they are through the lens of fragrance. You could effectively write a PHD thesis on the complex inner workings of scent, and the hidden depths that lie within. To some people the mere act of discovery and experimentation out in the world with real people is all they need to engross themselves in aroma.


This is by no means the definitive reasons to wear a fragrance, you probably have your own unique take on the matter, but these are some of the most common rationale for not only wearing fragrance, but also learning its innerworkings and the technical nitty gritty. That’s where we come in!

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