Which Beard Style is For You?

Variety is the spice of life, and as such the right beard for your face can make all the difference. We all know that there are as many different types of beards as there are shapes of faces and not all beard style fit all faces equally. So by making the right decision when it comes to facial hair, you can really up your grooming game!

A Stubble Look

The lynchpin of the ‘bad boy’ look in many a movie is the stubble look. Having your facial hair grown to the size of a grain of sand gives off the impression that you’re as laid back as you are a risk taker. Now don’t get us wrong, pulling off the look isn’t as easy as it sounds. Grooming your stubble to look effortless is the key to success and keeping a good skincare routine is paramount as a lot of it WILL be showing when you’re rocking stubble.  

Short & Sweet

Now what we mean when we say ‘short’ is when your facial hair is around the length of a fingernail. Maintaining this length is easier said than done and having such will require to keep a close eye on your length to make sure it doesn’t teeter into Medium territory, but at the same time not short enough to reveal a large section of your face. With its challenges reaps the rewards of how the Short and Sweet will look to the audience, however. A short beard gives off the impression of success and when it’s just right, will feel that much better when run through with your fingers.

The Medium

The next length up from the Short and Sweet will aptly be named The Medium. With a longer look that’s still easy enough to maintain as the shorter end of the spectrum, it comes with the appeal of a much more striking appearance, the Medium could be described as the length of a slightly large coin. If you’re looking to pull off the middle of the pack, make sure that you maintain your beard with care, because in turn, you’ll probably come off as quite esteemed and intelligent!

Long and Strong

Usually reserved for the most enthusiastic of beard aficionados, having a long beard is a statement in and of itself. Having a beard any longer than a finger’s length is most likely the first thing someone notices about your appearance and can really make or break your desired look. Beard maintenance becomes a singular focal point of your routine and pulling it off successfully is a remarkable achievement on its own. Just be prepared to be asked very often ‘how do you do it?’ 

Like we said, it’s quite a difficult task to name EVERY kind of beard out there, but by categorizing it into a few simple groups, getting your beard game started is easier than ever! A good practice is to experiment, and really see first-hand which kind of beard not only what other people like, but what YOU think looks good. If you keep that in mind, you really can’t go wrong with your facial hair routine.

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