Where to wear your perfume

(The best spots to spray)

Believe it or not, most men are unsure as to where exactly they should be spraying their perfume/cologne. Learning whereto spray is one of the most important aspects of wearing a fragrance and if applied wrong, the scent will fade soon after applying leaving little no trace of their existence. If applying the right way however, you can accentuate your unique musk and compliment it with a fragrance that will remain in the air around you for hours on end.

If applied the right way, your scent can be a key factor in how you're perceived by your peers and you can leave a lasting impression long after you leave the room, whether they mention it or not! Not only this but applying the right fragrances to the right areas will drastically increase your sex appeal and leave a lasting impression on any possible suiters looking your way.

What we’ve done is compiled a master list of sorts of the best ways to navigate the nasals in such a way that you can be confident in your scent, at any time of day (or night).


Store your fragrances properly

Let’s get this part out of the way first because already most men don’t know how to properly store their perfumes. Learn to do it right so they not only last longer but are also more potent to the touch. Store in a cool, dry place is most often seen on the labels of food packaging and various other toiletries, but however common it may seem, most people don’t take it to heart.

Keeping your fragrances in areas that experience a lot of temperature fluctuation, like your bathroom or near window scan harm the effectiveness on of your fragrance, essentially breaking down the vital components of the liquid. The best course of action would be keeping in a dark area like a cupboard, so you get only the very best results when spraying and retaining scent.


Pin point your pulse points

Arguably the most essential step in applying perfume are finding the best spots to give a spray. The most common and probably the most effective for the most people, are the spots that give off the most heat daily. These can range from a few different spots depending on the wearer, but you really can’t go wrong with the following:

The soft spots behind the jawline, right under the ears.

The lower neck area that meets the chest.

Wrist pulse points.

These points are common because they produce the most effective kind of heat needed for perfumes to operate optimally. The heat given off by these areas will warm the liquid of the fragrance and mix your already musky scent with that of the perfume, giving everyone their own slightly unique scent.

As a side note, try to avoid rubbing the liquid after it has been sprayed onto the skin. The friction caused by rubbing the perfume against more skin will likely break down the scent molecules carefully curated by the perfumery and distort the scent in unexpected ways.


Don’t do the following!

Rub the liquid after application.

Spray onto clothes as it could cause stains.

Spray many times in the same location (a little overbearing don’t you think?)

Now that you’ve got the how to on where you should be spraying your perfume, why don’t you check out our other great grooming guidelines?