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For many, they say that the pinnacle of a man's style is the accessories he chooses to wear. Over long periods, your wardrobe is likely to change and evolve. That said, your accessories will most likely not budge for a while. These could be anything from the shoes you wear, the belt you buckle, to the watch you adorn. All these accessories supplement your already unique style. Alas, each has its intricacies and subtleties. So, for this case, we're going to be focusing on the watch.

A well-fitted watch is sometimes called the ultimate gentleman's accessory. Why? Because unlike many pieces of hardware, a watch enhances any style when worn. Simple shorts and t-shirts become casual streetwear. A suit becomes an ensemble. The list goes on.

Knowing all that, picking a watch to suit your personality isn't exactly straightforward. While some may seem perfect at the moment, you may come to realize it might not express who you are as a person. That's why we've devised a guide of sorts.

How to go about choosing one


In an ideal circumstance, you'd be wearing your watch on a day-to-day basis. This watch should complement the things you do, say, and feel to the best of its ability.

For the hands-on types, you're going to find that luxury watches become nothing but a liability. In that spirit, if you're more outdoorsy and love to get active, a sports watch is right up your alley.

For the indoor types, this is for those who prefer the chicer things in life. If you're not into going outdoor so often, consider luxury watches. They add flair to your existing style and make a statement unto themselves.


Your choice of a watch comes down to personal preference. It is also pertinent to keep in mind what you want your audience to be thinking.

If you want to impress, get one with moving pieces.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but let's break it down. Our eyes follow movement. It's in our biology. So, if you show someone your watch, you can guarantee a moving watch will draw more attention than digital.


Contrary to some, watches need care and maintenance the same way a car or computer does. Mechanical watches are the main focus here, as digital ones tend not to ask much of their wearer. So, if you're out shopping for a new watch, keep in mind that maintenance is vital for peak performance.


Almost every watch will have adjustable straps made of leather, metal, or plastic. While the strap mayfit all, keep in mind the thickness of your wrist concerning the watch's face.

Smaller wrists, equal smaller watch faces.

Larger wrists equal more prominent watch faces.

You'll find that if you stray from those two points, your arms may look a little funny next to a properly fitting watch.

Know the differences

Without getting down on the details, let's go over some of the most common watch styles in the latest century.

Dress Watch

These watches are the pinnacle of class. Dress watches have been around for the better part of a century. Their history exists as they embody the spirit of royalty and show off your high standards.

Field Watch

These watches came about during the First World War. This period was a time where soldiers needed something to take from dinner to the battlefield. The results are the field watches we see today. Its strength is in its ability to adapt to the context and stay relevant, whether indoors or out.

Dive Watch

Dive watches are hardy and as resistant as they come. These watches' engineering allows them to be able towithstand fluids. Thus, these watches are generally water-resistant and can take much damage. All while they are as classy as ever.

Smart Watch

Didn't expect to see these on an article on watches? Well, as high-tech as they are, Smart Watches arebecoming a technology to watch closely. What they lack in kinetics, they more than make up for with the ability to do activities that rival a feature phone.

We hope you have a deeper understanding of the world of watches and a greater appreciation for the finesse encased within. Whatever style you decide to choose, know that by wearing a watch, you're well on your way to become the chic individual you want to be.

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