The Marks of a Man

In a world that is ever shifting and ever changing, sometimes what’s needed are some fundamental steps in becoming a man. Now, the definition of masculinity has evolved over the course of time, and very likely will mean something different in the years to come. However much that may be the case, we’ve compiled a list of things that we believe transcend the trends of time.

Hair Care

For centuries, the mane of man represented not only his masculinity, but also success and ambition. From the always immaculate hairstyles of the Viking age all the way up until today, the trends have shifted from illustrious locks to more chic, regal hair arrangements. With much of the population preferring minor attention to hair (not only on your head, but face as well!), standing out from the pack comes down to a little flair in just the right places. Thankfully, there are a plethora of products you can use, and few simple strategies to keep in mind when you’re deciding what type of hair you really want.

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Hydration & Movement

No matter what gender you are or where you come from, staying healthy is a fundamental part of your life as a human being. Setting aside an hour or so every day, or even every other day, will ensure that your body will be ready for action whenever the opportunity may present itself. Not only that, but you’ll most likely look the way you want to look and feel much better about yourself confident if you’re comfortable in your own skin.

It goes without saying that regular exercise and even more regular hydration go hand in hand. Our bodies are made up of majority water, and as such needs to be replenished very often. This goes tenfold when you’re exercising. To keep your water levels in check, it’s a good idea to always have a source of water within arm’s reach. If done regularly, you’ll start to see a markedly high increase in your energy levels throughout the day and you’ll look much greater for it!

Cleaning Up

The last step in the masculinity trifecta is the way you present yourself to the outside world. You got your hair in check, both head and face, you’re feeling healthier and much better about yourself due to being exercised and hydrated regularly, and you’re ready to tackle the final phase. Now, the definition of a successful look has changed over time, and today there are few looks that do up your grooming game. For a normal day without any events, you can’t go wrong with a smart casual look. These usually have the flexibility to be applied pretty much anywhere (just make sure you stick to pants on workdays!). For anything formal-related, it’s always a good idea to have a well-tailored fitting suit at your disposal.


And there you go, a starting point to discovering your unique take on masculinity. These are quite broad categories with general information that can be applied to and personality in pretty much any country in the world. It’s up to you now to decide how you’ll tackle each one to suit your lifestyle, and moreover your own goals!

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