The grooming glossary

When it comes to grooming fundamentals, history goes back quite far (See: The Origin of Perfume(Add Link)). As knowledge and wisdom passed down from generations to generations, so does the complexity of the craft. Since getting a grip on the lingo can seem a little daunting at first, and knowing the difference between things comes down to technicality, we thought we’d make it a lot easier by giving you a cheat sheet of sorts to understand and appreciate the histories world of grooming!



Refers to alcohol-based products that are used on the skin post-shave. These solution said in healing nicks and cuts due to their alcohol content and are often associated with fragrances to provide freshness throughout the day.


The tiny flakes originating from the scalp due to drying skin and other conditions. These are generally visible on dark hair and on darker toned clothes.

Disposable Razors

Single or short-term use razors usually feature double-blade technology situated on aplastic housing that extends to the handle or grip.

Eau de Parfum

A perfume solution that contains a relatively large quantity of pure perfume. These fragrances are often intense and generally showcase a lesser freshness quality. In turn, they are usually worn during evening events as opposed to daytime activities.


Eau de Toilette

A light, scented solution used both as a skin revitalizer and as an aesthetic enhancer. Primarily used during the daytime, where freshness and energy are essential, Eau de Toilette scents are some of the most versatile in the grooming repertoire.

(See: Black Knight EDT Range)


Hair Gel

Hair Gel comprises a sticky, gelatinous substance used to style the hair by hardening after application. Used most often with strict, specific styles.

(See: Black Knight Hair Gels)


Hair Styling Cream

This differs from gel in that it does not harden in the same way. Styling Cream is used to morph hair into one liking whilst also strengthening the hair through substances that improve your hairs health.


Ingrown Hair

This is when hair that is improperly cut or tweezed grows back into the skin from the root. These nasty irritations can sometimes cause inflammation and pain.


Lubricating Strips

Used to ease the razors glide across the face, lubricating strips ensure that your skin is not affected negatively after every shave.


Razor Blades

Developed through decades of research, trial, and error, modern razor blades feature carefully cut metal edges that are angled to the direction of the traditional shave.


Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream acts as a sort of intermediary between the blades and your skin. It’s used to provide a moisturizing effect to the skin, as is often employed by those with sensitive skin (as opposed to Shaving Foam).


Shaving Foam

Shaving foam differentiates itself from cream in that they don’t moisturize the skin. But what it lacks in coverage more than makes up for it with its ability to suit a large number of skin types.


Talcum Powder

Initially serving a more utilitarian purpose, talcum powder has remained a mainstay in the grooming industry with its knack for eliminating unsavory odors under harsh conditions.


We’ve only hit the surface of the vast number of things one could learn about the grooming industry. That said, if you’re interested in learning the fundamentals, go ahead and check out our other blogs!