DIY Haircare for Men

Looking to do your own do? Look no further.

During an uncertain time all around, many of the facilities we have come to take for granted suddenly rendered inaccessible. This shaky period causes problems plenty. But, when it comes down to it, every one of us has a responsibility to take what we have now and propagate a future in which we would all be proud. Now we may begetting a little ahead of ourselves here. Grand, macro-level changes aren’t going to cut it when the things you need to get done daily have suddenly changed.


Let’s start with the hair.

Hairdressers allover the country are seeing their customer retention rates plummet as people are forced by the necessity to stay inside their homes to ride out the pandemic passively. So, until we can continue to go to the experts to augment our hair, here are the fundamental steps in taking your hair (literally) into your own hands.

Make sure you read the guide in its entirety before starting.


What you’ll need for this procedure:

  • A reliable clipper
  • Hair Clips
  • Scissors

STEP 1: Part your hair into manageable sections

As you may have noticed from your friendly neighborhood barber, is the way they prep the hair for a good trimming. Section your hair depending on where they sit on your head and clip them together to make the following process much more manageable. 


Sides (individually)


These are the primary areas of interest but feel free to section your hair further depending on your desired outcome.


STEP 2: Arm Your Clipper

We don’t mean to load bullets into your clipper but pay close attention to your clipper setting anyway. You’re going to have to use different settings depending on where you cut definitely, but make sure you mark down where you will be cutting.


Pro-Tip: Use a setting larger than your desired outcome to make room for errors should they arise.


STEP 3: Buzz Side-To-Ear

Now that you’ve got your clipper primed and ready with your hair parted in tow, the next step is to shorten the sides to a desirable length. We find that a solid buzzcut on the sides provides the neatness you may be looking for while staying flexible with your choice of the top does.

Please Note: For a more all-purpose approach, cut the back of the head the same length as you cut the sides.


STEP 4: Fade-In, and Fade-Out

Now that the sides are up to scratch start working on the fade at the back of your hair. Start from the bottom of the hairline and travel only halfway up the sectioned part. As you travel the clipper at the back of your head, remember to flick the clipper on the backswing – to get the perfect fade.


STEP 5: Blend the Top

Once you finish off the sides, take out the sectioning clips, grab the scissors, and wet the hair at the top of the head slightly. Then gently cut the edges in the same manner as the back fade, remembering not to cut straight horizontal lines.


STEP 6: Top & Front

Ideally, for a more generic cut, the top of your head features the longest hairs. So with the scissors, make sure you get the length right. After you’re done with the top, move onto the front, where you can decide how long you need it to be.


BONUS TIP: Check out our range of hair and styling creams to cap off a good haircut.


Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind these steps are the bare minimum in getting your hair the way you want. Also, keep in mind that these steps cannot replace the haircare mastery offered to you at a professional barbershop – where the stylists have years of expertise notched onto their belt. That said, if you’re feeling that your hair is getting to a place where it’s a little uncomfortable, you can always DIY. Because even if you mess up at first, you’ve got some time before you get out and about. Stay safe.


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