Build Your Style Your Way

Building a personal style is sometimes a lifelong mission. Starting in our formative years right down to retirement, it's reasonably sure that your unique style will change, evolve, and grow over time. At the moment, though, focusing clearly on what you look like and how you want to be perceived comes down to your wardrobe choices. This effort is why nailing the perfect style for you isn't an exact science, and you will likely have to adapt on the fly to new styles and trends.

That said, there are somethings you could use as a framework to build your style through. Try to copy someone else, and what happens? You come off as relatively tame and unoriginal. Why else would world-renowned icons be known for their unique style? Now, we don't mean that you should devote your life to finding your aesthetic. But here at Black Knight, we've collected a variety of tips and thought patterns to inspire your sense of style.

Before we get into it, let's discuss why you would even want to build your style.

It shows that you have a certain level of self-awareness.
It shows what you have to offer onto the table of the world.
And it shows that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Also, keep in mind that the essence of style is your message. What do you want to showcase to the world? And what do you stand for?

No two styles are the same, but if you can answer those two questions, you're already on your way.

Your Body Type?

First and foremost, in the world of style is self-knowledge. Knowing what your body type is (be as honest as possible!), you will be making much better style decisions down the line. Some styles work well with some body types. And others work better elsewhere. It's pretty situational. 

That said, these are the most common body types for men (illustrated through 2D shapes)

  1. Inverted Triangle
  2. Oval
  3. Rectangle
  4. Trapezoid
  5. Triangle

Identifying honestly what your body type is will make it much easier to build your style.

If you're looking for a little more specific tips, there are a few things to keep in mind there too:

  • If you're blessed with heavy calves, try pleated     trousers.
  • If you're on the shorter side of height, slim jackets ending     at the hips are solid.
  • Try out a more deconstructed jacket type if you have broad     shoulders.
  • And if your build is tall and relatively thin, try to add a     little weight using your clothing choice.

Your Lifestyle?

This point is where many will start to differ. A large part of one's style comes down to what one does day-to-day. What works in one particular lifestyle will likely not apply to others. It's up to you to identify how others in your niche look and use that as a baseline to craft something for yourself.

If you're working with your hands all day, a suit and tie isn't the most practical option.

Whereas if you're working at a large corporate firm, shorts and a t-shirt will likely get you penalized.

When in doubt, keep your job in mind when picking your style and also casual wear. Because, even if you're not on the clock, you'll always be representing where you work in some shape or form.

A Pop of Color?

Your style, in terms of endurance, should be able to stand the test of time. It should go above and beyond to exemplify your best features, plus be adaptable to boot. With this in mind, there are certain norms that we as a society have come to accept. While you may disagree with the standards, it is a telling sign that they're still around. While the colors of the time can be seasonal, there are some things you should keep in mind regarding how you look.

If you're pretty fair-toned or have brown hair, earthy tones fit pretty nicely. These could beany where from your pastel yellows to a more brown or green side of the spectrum.

If your skin and hair color is darker, vibrant, energetic colors contrast nicely. These could be brighter yellows, light blues, or even white.


While much of the nitty-gritty comes down to how you experiment, everyone should follow a couple of things.

Be consistent and keep it simple.

We understand that this is easier said than done. But we believe that figuring out your style is a journey unto itself. A journey that will prove to be one of the most worthwhile years down the line.

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