Be a Shirt Connoisseur

Over the course of a millennia, the act of wearing a shirt has been something of a rite of passage for many men. They're worn on professional outings, where you should look sharp, intelligent and sociable. But they're also worn at casual events, looking approachable, warm, and conversational. Whatever the occasion, there's a reason why shirts have stayed a staple in men's wardrobes.

If you're finding it difficult to orient yourself in the wide world of shirts, then look no further. We've gathered some of the best tips, tricks, and guides to help you navigate the open seas of shirt-wearing.

Rolling up the sleeves

The pinnacle of a work hard, play hard look, rolling up your sleeves serves a purpose in a whole host of situations.

Washing your hands

Heavy lifting

Warm weather

If you think on it, you'd definitely come up with more reasons why you'd roll up your sleeves. But the act of doing so also serves a more aesthetic purpose.

Rolling up the sleeves gives you a dressed down professional look.

This means that alongside daytime attire, you have your nighttime casual attire ready. How do roll them the best way?

Use well-fitted shirt. You don’t want to seem like you're trying to mask an oversized shirt.

Reveal the elbows if you know you'll be working. Otherwise, keep the sleeves right over the elbows for a chicer look.

But if you're looking for some more direct steps, there's a few iconic styles that you could use on your sleeves.

The Standard Roll

  1. Unbutton the sleeves
  2. Flip the cuff outward and fold over
  3. Use the cuff as the measurement of width
  4. Continue until right before your elbow (or past it if you're working)

The Casual Roll

  1. Unbutton the sleeves
  2. Flip the cuff outward and roll over
  3. Fold twice at most, leaving more sleeve than the Standard Roll

The Master Roll

  1. Unbutton the sleeves
  2. Flip the cuff outward
  3. Pull the sleeve back until right before the elbow (without folding)
  4. Take the bottom of the flipped section and fold it up over the cuff

To Tuck, or Not to Tuck?

This one has been a question on the mind of budding shirt enthusiasts for quite a while. And, while the occasion of the event might be the deciding factor on whether to tuck, there are exceptions.

If a shirt has a flat bottom line, untucked is the way to go.

If a shirt does not have a consistent bottom line, make it tucked.

Knowing this, you might bethinking what the best way to go about tucking your shirt is. Like a lot of things, tucking your shirt the right way will come down to some trial and error. But there are some things to keep in mind regardless.

If you have a slimmer form, your shirt should hug your sides all the way down to the pants.

There should not be any wrinkles on the shirt that form a sort of muffin-top.

The line that goes from chin to crotch should remain clean, straight, and wrinkle-free.

Collar Magic

Much like the last steps of dressing in a shirt, we're going to cap off with a couple of thoughts on shirt collars.

What is the purpose of a shirt collar you might ask? Its main job is to give a sort of picture-frame to your face. It highlights your best features in the same way a frame interacts with a piece of artwork.

If your collar is too tight, you'll feel uncomfortable right off the bat. But if you're unsure, place your finger between your neck and the collar. If you're finding it hard to move your finger, the collar is too tight.

But if it's too loose, you may not even feel the collar at all. If your collar doesn't touch your neck at all, you may be wearing a shirt a tad bigger than you should.

To sum up

While a lot of people may find wearing shirts to be too professional, we'd say the opposite. Shirts are in a world of their own, able to stand their ground in pretty much any occasion- be it casual or formal. In that fashion, make you're ready with many options should the need arise.

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