A man's motivations

In all walks of life, there’s always that particular something that keeps you going (in this case, we’re going to talk about men specifically). Everyone is different and comes from different backgrounds or experiences. That’s why it’s important to know what really drives you. Not just in terms of your work life but also in your passions, hobbies, and anything you genuinely love doing. While for many, this may be niche reasoning that is unique to you, let’s go over some of the broader reasons for trekking through life as a man.


This may actually be the fundamental motivation for many men as sole breadwinners, regardless of where he comes from. The need to provide a secure environment for one’s family has been ingrained into our very being from near the dawn of time and shows no sign of slowing down. There’s an innate feeling of accomplishment that goes with the ability to provide for a family, whether it’s parents or even children. One thing is for sure, though. It’s that caring and providing strength for the ones you love the most brings with it multitudes of happiness.

Personal Goals

It’s a widely known fact that a masculine being is inherently motivated by nature. Because of this thought process, there are a few things we can safely assume to be true for much of the male population. Men generally work within the confines of a dynamic plan. Whether or not others pivot men from their strategy, men naturally veer back into the foreground of such a method in a way not seen in many mammals. All of this generally starts early in childhood and are further made true to life with small accomplishments gained over their decades of existence.

A Comfortable Life

A new car, maybe a new house, or even a flashy new gaming console. These are some of the things in life that don’t necessarily add a ton of mindful value. Still, they are sometimes needed to balance out some of the more philosophical gains in life. While they aren’t always the best ideals to get hooked on, they are nevertheless some of the things that drive many men to reach the heights that they do.


Ikigai. This is what the Japanese refer to as the state one would achieve should they successfully integrate their passion, mission, vocation, and profession in grandstand form. Forming a heart held passion and using it to drive your life in the direction you want isn’t always the most straightforward task. For some men, making their passion the sole driving force in their life was the best decision they ever made. This is ultimately the case with many successful men across the globe.

Mastery in the Workplace

Where passion would generally lead the man in the direction he wants to go in life, mastery of the workplace is slightly different. Where passion deals with innate niche motivations for doing what you do, workplace mastery is when you push yourself to be excellent in corporate settings. This isn’t limited to a single skillset by any means, but rather, various skills a man would have to cultivate to reach the top of the corporate heights he set out to. Similar, but different in mindful regard.

While these motivations don’t apply to every man walking the earth, it’s a good starting point in figuring out where you are and where you want to go in life. Whether it’s the pursuit of love and adoration from those around you or honing your skills to the point where nobody could compare, one thing is for sure. It’s that a man with motivation is nigh unstoppable.