6 Essential Hair Care Tips

While for many men, hair care isn’t an essential part of their routine, maintaining proper hair etiquette will keep your mane looking at its best. Whether it’s to go into the workplace looking as sharp as you can be, or cleaning up for an upcoming date, there are countless reasons as to why you’d want your hair at peak condition. In terms of effort, while it might be easier to be content with your hair growing on its own with no aid whatsoever, there ARE in fact a few tips to keep in mind to get that coveted effortless look.

Get that Head Hair off Your Face

As simple as it gets, and fundamentally the foundation of most hair styles. If you’re going for a look that requires slightly longer hair, try to avoid having the hair down on your face. Brush it up, comb it to the side, slick it back with hair gel or hair cream, the possibilities are essentially endless! Keep this in mind so your hair has just that little bit of little flair next time you go out.

Cold Water Showers

As amazing as hot water showers feel on the skin, the case may not be the same as with your hair. No matter how much you love the heat, try to at bare minimum run your shower cold towards the end of your wash. Hair does not function in the same way skin does, and a constant flow of hot water may damage your hair and make it end up feeling frizzier than it should be. Keep it cool, at least towards the end.

Stay Away from Heat

Much like the previous point about hot showers, keeping your hair AWAY from dry, arid heat will keep it healthier for much longer. This one doesn’t need much in the way of explanation, too much heat, bad for hair.

What Shampoo is Designed For

Shampoo isn’t for cleaning your hair (which is pretty much what the running water is for). Shampoo is designed as a scalp cleaning solution and should be aimed for as such when you’re in the shower. This means that you can essentially shampoo however often you’d like, as there won’t be as many chemicals being intensely rubbed into your hair. A small dab, and massage the scalp, not the hair.

Avoid Rough Towels

Contrary to widespread belief, to some it may be quite beneficial to keep two towels at hand post-shower. For the most part, the towel you use for your body is highly likely to be too rough for your hair. You may notice a significant difference if you switch to a softer towel for your mane and a rougher one for the rest of your body.

Reference Pictures for Your Barber

Too often has one gone to the barber with a specific hairstyle mind, only to discover that the barber had a quite different vision for your hair. After which would be too late as your hair has already been cut down to size. To avoid situations like this, try to take some sort of reference picture that the barber or stylist can keep an eye on! This is by no means a definitive solution, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Keep these in mind when you’re tackling your hair care routine and you’ll have the perfect do in no time!

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