Bathing your baby, the right way!

The Buzzcut

The first time you meet someone, right off the bat you’re probably going to notice are their luscious locks, or lack thereof. Even if you don’t meet someone face to face, most people will immediately form an image of who you are based off what you look like, and as such one of the key personality indicators used by many people… is your hair style.

Your hair says a lot about who you are (not always the case, but it helps). Knowing this, even if you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, wisely choosing your hair style can help you put forward some of the things that you love about yourself to the outside world.

Let’s have a look at some of the more popular hair styles and how you can use them to really express the real you.

The Side Part

The classic army do is probably the easiest one to attain and to maintain. Even if you’re not as hard strung as the haircut may come off to some, many people who get buzzcuts are much more practical and have much less to worry about in terms of maintaining their mane. Practical, efficient, consistent.

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