A legacy of protection

We pride ourselves on using the most gentle ingredients to formulate a range of products that you can trust. With no Paraben, Petroleum oil and other harsh chemicals, here is our solemn promise to you, to protect your baby as fiercely as you would with the most safe and natural choices for your little ones.

Serving for decades

Supporting your tiring yet rewarding journey of motherhood with an array of gentle skincare products to keep your bundle of joy safe, Rebecca Lee combines 7 decades of heritage, expertise and natural ingredients to keep your babies’ skin hydrated  and healthy.

IFRA approved

Specially formulated with natural ingredients along with IFRA approved fragrances, we give you the reassuring promise of delivering trusted skincare products that are gentle and hydrating to keep your little one giggling with joy.

Your trusted skincare experts

With years of expertise and a world of knowledge, we are happy to be your favourite baby skincare experts, providing you with a range of products to suit all baby skin types. From our Soaps to our Colognes, we aim to keep you and your baby happy, always.