What’s in your Hospital Bag?

Reaching your third trimester can be both exciting and nerve wrecking. With just a short amount of time left till you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms, you may tend to forget one of the most important to-dos’: Packing your hospital bag.

Why is this important?

Depending on your birthing process, on average, moms who delivery vaginally tend to stay in hospital for one or two days while moms who delivery via a C-section may end up staying three to four days. Therefore, it is important to have all your essentials with you to keep yourself and the baby as comfortable as possible.

The duration of your stay might also impact your list of essentials so ensure that you pack enough to last the duration of your hospital stay.  Use our quick and easy check list, pack your essentials in your bag and get ready for your exciting journey into motherhood!  


·     Birth plan and relevant medical documents

Print and pack all the medical records and documents relevant to your pregnancy. Your consulting physician or doctor may already have these but it is always good to have a few copies with you just in case.

·     A going home outfit for your munchkin

Try to pack two outfits in different sizes as you will not know how big or small your baby might be. If needed, don’t forget to pack socks, hats and gloves too!


·     More baby stuff

Your little one is going to need a few more things apart from his or her going home outfit. Be sure to pack some onesies, blankets, newborn small diapers and unscented baby wipes.


·     Skincare goodies for your bundle of joy

Protect your precious little one’s skin right from the get go by packing baby soap, lotion and oil. We recommend the Rebecca Lee Floral Cologne and the Rebecaa Lee Soap made with Olive, Oil & Vitamin along with the RL Herbal Oil made with Olive, Almond and Argon Oil.


·     Feeding Bottle

If you are planning on bottle feeding from the start, make sure to pack at least two well sanitized feeding bottles.


·     Adult Diapers

While the hospital may provide you with pads, you can bring along your own adult diapers to feel more comfortable and safer.


·     Nipple Cream

If you plan on breast feeding your baby, this is a must have in your overnight bag. A nipple cream will help you feel better after feeding.


·     Toiletries and personal hygiene items

This may seem like an easy one but do remember to pack your hairbrush, tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, facewash, shampoo, lotions, contact lens solution etc.


·     Pillow and Towel

While the hospital may provide you with these, having a nice comfy pillow and a fluffy towel from home may make you feel much better and be just what you need during this recovery period.


·     Loose clothing

Lightweight and comfortable clothes are your go to outfits for the duration of your hospital stay. Don’t forget to pack in some flat sandals or slippers that are easy to walk in.


·     Underwear and nursing pads

Regardless of whether you plan to nurse or not, your breast will appreciate maternity bras and nursing pads which will help with leak protection.