Things to do before going into labor

While you eagerly wait to see your precious little one, there’s a lot you can do to prepare yourself for the painful yet rewarding experience of labor. Here are simple ways to make the entire process a bit more manageable. Make this list, and cross everything off one by one, before your first contraction!

Have a ‘me’ day

Put on some comfy clothes (or even dress up if you like), grab some of your best friends and have a day of pampering. Catch a movie or go for a pedicure, this day is all about you. Getting in some ‘me time’ before your baby is born can help relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Learn about the breast-feeding basics

If you are choosing to breast feed, you must be aware that it is a learning process. Most babies don’t just start feeding which can lead to new moms being frustrated. Keep an eye out for our next article to learn all about the basics of breast feeding.

Figure out the hospital route

As simple as it may seem, once its time to go to the hospital, even the calmest person might get flustered! Sit down with your partner or family and figure out the fastest & safest route to the hospital well in advance.

Pack your bags!

Your hospital bag will be a lifesaver so make sure you pack all the essentials before you go into labor. Sit down and think of anything and everything you might need to keep you comfortable prior to and after birth. Check out our upcoming blog on what to pack in your hospital bag.

Stock up on household essentials

Trips to the store with a new born in tow might be a difficult task. Before your due date, make sure your house is stocked up with all the groceries and personal care items you may need for a week or two.

Get some books or audio books

4 am feedings are no fun, but you might as well have some great works or literature by your side to keep you company. Not a fan of books? Download some audio books or relaxing music to get you through the long nights ahead.

Prepare the nursery

Life will be so much easier if you have everything your baby needs in one place. Be sure to set up your babies’ crib/bassinet and other essentials in a safe environment prior to his or her arrival. Don’t stress if the nursery is not perfect, it just needs to be practical and comfortable.

Have a chat with your doctor about birthing options

Each person prefers to give birth in a different way. Prior to your due date, make sure to sit with your doctor and go through your preferences including medication, labor and induction options.

Wash the baby clothes and linen

Wash sheets, clothes, blankets and nappies before they come into contact with your babies’ skin using a gentle washing powder such as the Rebecca Lee Nappy Wash Powder. It’s good to wash and prepare at least a few days’ worth of clothes before your baby is born.