Soothing your baby with a massage

Frequent skin to skin contact with newborns have been encouraged by medical experts and midwives alike as a way of nurturing and strengthening the bond between parent and child. One of the best ways to do this is to give your baby a soothing massage regularly!

What are the benefits of a baby massage?

Good mood, baby!

Massaging your baby will release endorphins while reducing the stress hormone Cortisol, which will result in a happy baby with a big smile on his or her face!

Tone those tiny muscles

Frequent massages help strengthen your baby's little muscles. Stronger muscles help your little one reach big milestones such as rolling over, walking and crawling much faster.  

Focused and happy

Massages let your baby maintain regular eye contact with you, which helps them stay present, in the moment and alert!

Goodbye to gas!

Gassy and colicky babies benefit immensely from regular massages. A gentle abdominal massage can help your bub with digestion while helping the contents of his/her body move through their colon.

Brainy baby!

There is a direct correlation between physical touch and baby brain development so cuddles, massages and snuggles may help your baby be smarter!

Stronger immune system

Protect your bundle of joy from the common cold and cough with a daily massage! Massages are known to increase your baby's white blood cell count, improving their immune system to fight off infections and diseases.

How do I massage my baby?

  • As with any first where a baby is concerned, consult your pediatrician before your baby’s first-ever massage. Your doctor will be able to address any issues you may have and provide you with some much-needed tips & advice.
  • Timing is key! Choose a time of day that your baby is happy, awake and not too full. Avoid giving your baby a massage right after they have eaten, when they are sleepy etc.
  • Make your baby’s room cozy and comfortable with some soft soothing music playing in the background. Set up the massage area by placing a waterproof pad on top of a soft pillow.
  • A cranky baby will not enjoy a massage, so make sure that the room temperature is not too cold or not too hot.
  • Adjust the lighting for utmost relaxation! Use as much natural light as possible or if needed, lower the room lights to help your baby unwind further.
  • Switch your phone onto silent mode and wash your hands thoroughly using a good antibacterial hand wash.
  • Be gentle and slow. Place your baby on his/her back and gently rub their body in soothing circular motions. Start with their head and gradually work your way down to the feet.
  • Speak to your baby in soothing tones so that they are relaxed and calm.
  • Use a gentle and moisturizing lotion such as the Rebecca Lee Classical Baby Cream enriched with Vitamin E and Milk Protein. This lightweight hydrating lotion will keep your babies skin soft and supple with regular use.  
  • Take extra precaution when massaging your baby’s face. Slowly massage their forehead and eyebrows and carefully use your thumbs to massage around the eyes. Move your fingers down the bridge of your baby’s nose and across the cheeks. Use circular motions to rub around the jaw and behind the ears.
  • If your baby is enjoying the massage, continue by repeating the rubbing motions, starting from the head down to their feet.