Preparing your body for pregnancy

If you and your partner have decided that it’s time to have a baby,  the most ideal way to ensure that you and your baby have good health is to pre plan and prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Pre-planning can help diagnose& treat any underlying problems while increasing the chances of getting pregnant and helps with making the conceiving process much easier.

While there is an endless list of  changes you can make to your lifestyle while trying to conceive,  here we have listed some of the most important ones that will help create a healthy foundation for your journey of pregnancy.  Have a readthrough and let us know your thoughts and ideas on what more we can add to this list!

Schedule a checkup

Since it takes two to make a baby, it is highly advisable for you and your partner to visit a healthcare specialist and go over any concerns, issues or questions you may have. The doctor may even run a few tests and go over your health history to ensure that there are no complications or special precautions that need to be taken.

Take a multivitamin

Women who are trying to conceive are advised by healthcare experts to take folic acid supplements which aid with providing the correct nutrients to you and your baby. Consult your doctor for recommended dosages and intakes.  

Quit cigarettes and alcohol

Quitting drinking and smoking while trying to conceive may increase your chances of getting pregnant. The harmful toxins in cigarettes & alcohol can  prove to be quite detrimental to your efforts of getting pregnant as it may lead to miscarriages, premature deliveries and stillbirths.

Secondhand smoke is quite harmful as well so be sure to avoid being around people who smoke.  

Avoid over the counter medicine

While we have all taken over the counter medicine for small aches and pains, its best to avoid painkillers and vitamins that have not been prescribed by a doctor when you are in the process of trying to conceive. Some over the counter pills could slow down the process or prove to be risky when trying to have a baby, therefore always consult your doctor before taking any supplements and medicine.

Get in some Exercise

A healthy lifestyle is key when trying to conceive. Getting in some light exercise at least four days a week mayincrease your chances of getting pregnant. If you are not used to regular exercise, start with something easy, like a brisk walk for a few minutes. Youcan gradually add to your exercise routine with a quick jog, cycling or even swimming.

Watch your weight

Your weight plays an important part in your chances of getting pregnant. If you maintain a healthy weight before pregnancy, you will be less likely to suffer from complications such as High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.  If you are struggling with either being overweight or underweight, consult your doctor or a nutritionist who will advise you on how to reach your target weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

It’s all about a balanced diet!

Eating healthy and clean is always beneficial to your health, especially more so if you are trying to conceive. Try to include more wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains that provide an array of vitamins, calcium and iron. It’s best to slowly cut down or avoid eating  processed foods that contain unhealthy levels of fat, sodium and sugar.

Reduce your Caffeine Intake

A high caffeine intake increases the chances of a miscarriage's while also lowering your fertility levels. Since you will need to reduce your caffeine intake while pregnant, it makes sense to start curbing your cravings from the time you plan to start  conceiving. Many experts believe that you should limit your caffeine intake to less that 200mg a day when trying to conceive. Consult your doctor or physician who will advise you on a limit that works for you.

Relax and Destress

Trying to get pregnant can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. While some women find it easy to get pregnant, for others it may take months or even years. This can be a draining process for you and your partner both. Therefore it is important to stay positive and find stress relief outlets. Try taking walks, practicing meditation or even engaging in some light yoga to stay calm. Engaging in relaxing activities may help reduce anxiety and stress related to conception.

Track your cycle

Try to get familiar with your menstrual cycle. This can help you know when you are ovulating which can aid with getting pregnant faster. You can simply use a notebook to track your period start date, end date and the length of your cycle from month to month. Be sure to note down any irregular occurrences such as bleedings and spotting. If you wish to find a more convenient method, there are an array of apps that you could use including: Clue Period Tracker, Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker, Fertility Friend FF and Life Period Tracker Calendar.