How to plan an unforgettable first birthday party

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you were holding your precious little one in your arms and welcoming them into the world?

Fast forward to a second later, and now they are about to turn one!

While babies go through a lot of firsts such as losing their teeth, first steps and first words, turning one is a big milestone that calls for a celebration as there's nothing more beautiful than seeing your child grow up.

To make things easier we’ve got easy steps and tips for you to help you plan the perfect first birthday for the most important person in your life.


Create the guest list

Figuring out how many people to invite will make planning every other aspect of the party that much easier. Factors such as space, location, food, décor, drinks etc. are all based on the number of guests attending.

Plan around your baby’s schedule

Pick the time of the birthday party according to your baby’s sleep schedule. If your little bub is more cranky towards morning, try to have the birthday in the evening or vice versa.

Choose a simple theme

Since your baby is too small to decide on what he/she likes, pick a simple yet unique theme for the first birthday, Picking a theme early on can help you with sending out themed invites, getting themed loot bags, décor etc. Online resources such as Pinterest, Instagram etc. are great ways to find one of a kind themes and décor ideas. Try to keep it bright as babies are mesmerized by colorful shiny objects.

Get your décor

Shop for décor and party favors that suit your theme.  You could source your décor from a specialized party décor store or simply order it online. If you are looking for a more cost-effective solution, Youtube and Pinterest have DIY décor ideas that are easy to follow through to make your own.

Send out the invites

Be sure to send out the invites at least two weeks prior so that your guests have enough time to RSVP. Ensure that you ask your guests to confirm their attendance at least four days before the event so you can confirm the amount of food and beverage needed.

Attend to the food and beverages

Decide on if you want to prepare the food yourselves or cater from a restaurant. Based on which option you choose, either head to the supermarket three days before to get all the ingredients or contact your restaurants of choice for menu options. Keep in mind that the food should appeal to both your adult guests and the children in attendance.

Order the cake

What’s a party without cake? Make the cake yourself or order it from a baker. To make your baby's first birthday that much more special, try to have a cake that suits the birthday theme.

Baby proof the house

Protect your tiny guests from sharp corners and objects by baby proofing the house prior to the birthday. If the party will be held outdoors consider buying a playpen to ensure the safety of all the small children who will be at the birthday.

Plan out the games

Your younger guests need to be entertained at all times, so make sure to have a lot of fun activities, entertainment and games lined up! To ease the number of tasks you have to do on the day of the party, delegate the handling of games to some of the older kids such as the cousins or friends' children. Chat with the older kids well in advance, ask for their input and plan out the games together.