How to encourage good reading habits in kids

With an abundance of benefits such as improved vocabulary, grammar and communication skills, it is essential to encourage reading from a young age. While getting your child to read might be somewhat of a challenge, a child finding pleasure in reading a book can have a wealth of advantages as they go through school into adulthood.

Here are some easy tips and guidelines to get your child to become an avid reader in no time!

  • Instead of offering more TV time, junk food or toys as rewards for good behavior, consider giving your child books, magazines, bookstore gift vouchers etc.
  • You can start raising a reader from early on! Cuddle up with your little one and read to him or her in a soothing tone. Do this regularly so that your child knows that reading is a part of your daily routine.
  • Create a cozy reading area! Dedicate a small space in your house to be a reading nook. Make it warm and inviting with a few cushions, chairs, bean bags and a variety of books.
  • Children tend to mimic behavior, so grab a book or magazine and start reading. When your child sees you read, it will get him/her excited about reading as well.
  • Encourage a variety of reading activities anywhere, anytime. Let them read the menus, road signs, weather report and day to day basic information.
  • Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways to encourage your child to read books. Take them to a book store or library with age-appropriate books and let them pick the ones they want to read. Whether it's a novel, comic or even a magazine, when they are enjoying a book, they become more engaged with it.
  • Enroll your child in a library or even a book club. This will give them a chance to meet like-minded people while discussing and debating books & novels.
  • Encourage your child to read out loud. Make sure to praise him/her so that they are further motivated to keep reading.
  • Try to include a bookshelf or rack somewhere in your house with a variety of books for your kids to choose from.
  • If you are reading to your child, they may ask you tore-read their favorite stories over and over again. Even though it can be quite tiresome, be sure not to discourage this as re-reading gives kids a chance to connect with words they see and hear and or spot things they may have missed the first few times around.
  • Organize a book swap for your children and their friends. Gather your neighborhood kids, your child’s school friends etc. Ask everyone to bring a book of their choice and swap it for another one.
  • Kids sometimes have trouble picking books. Assist them to find age-appropriate books that quip their interest and keep them engaged.
  • Once your child has finished a book, be sure to discuss the book with him/her. Ask them what their favorite part was, who their favorite character was etc. This can aid with enhancing your child's comprehension skills.
  • Make reading a part of your child’s nightly routine. Encourage at least half an hour of reading time before bed.