Brilliant baby care hacks for all parents!

Bringing up a baby is no easy task, therefore, we all need a little help sometime. No matter how tough it gets, the important thing to know is we are all in this together and you are doing a good job! Here are a few baby care hacks to help you on your journey of parenting.

  • Can’t get your baby to stop screaming after bath time? Warm up a bath towel with a heating pad prior to bath time. The warm, fuzzy feels might help reduce the screaming.
  • Mix part dish washing detergent and two parts hydrogen peroxide to make an amazing stain remover. Say goodbye to poop, puke and juice stains.
  • If you are breast-feeding and trying to transition into bottle feeds, try giving your baby a bottle right before bedtime. It helps them get used to the bottle and may even result in a longer nap.
  • Try sleeping when the baby is sleeping. Since it will be impossible to stick to your normal sleep routine with a new born, try sleeping when they go to sleep so that you can stay rested and energized.
  • White noise! Use apps on your phone or even just some radio static to get your baby to sleep soundly.
  • Carry a pair of scissors with you to help cut up the baby’s food while you are on the move. It’s easier and much safer than carrying a knife.
  • Planning a trip with your toddler? Make sure to take some tape or duct tape to cover the sockets in the hotel room. Most babies have a knack for going straight to the power outlets.
  • Don’t have a bathtub at home? The kitchen sink makes a great substitute for a baby bathtub!
  • Make sure to sterilize your baby bottles and breast pumps regularly. This should be done at least twice a day. If possible, try washing it properly before every feed.
  • Keep the cot free of soft toys. The fur from soft toys and pillows can lead to serious respiratory problems and allergies if breathed in by the baby.
  • It’s tempting to dress your baby in fancy clothes but try to stick to cottons with minimal buttons, bows and zippers to keep your baby comfortable all day long.
  • If your baby is not a big fan of bath time, try the ‘swaddling bathing’ method. This can be done by wrapping the baby in a light blanket and unwrapping one limb at a time. Wash, rinse, wrap and keep repeating till done.
  • Bond with your baby by having them do ‘tummy time on your chest or belly.
  • Download a baby tracker app on your phone to keep track of nursing, feeding and sleeping sessions.
  • When picking sleepwear for your baby, try to opt for ones with zippers over snaps. Zippers are much more convenient and faster to remove when you have to keep changing your baby’s outfit.
  • Burp your baby by sitting him/her on your lap and slowly moving their upper body in a circular motion while holding their head.
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