Benefits of Breast feeding for mom and baby

Complete with an array of nutritious ingredients such as antibodies, white blood cells, beneficial bacteria, enzymes and hormones, Breast Milk helps your baby stay protected and nourished throughout the early stages of his or her life.

While breastfeeding is a personal choice and should be decided entirely by you, we have compiled a list of the amazing benefits of breastfeeding for both you and the baby, just in case you need some reassurance as to whether breast milk is the right choice for you.

Fight off those infections!

Breast milk boosts your little one's immune system with a good dose of antibodies and nutrients to keep them safe from colds and infections. During the first few months of birth, breast milk that is rich in nourishing minerals and vitamins will also protect your baby against diseases that they are not yet immunized against such as Influenza, Polio, Tetanus etc.  

Promotes postpartum recovery

If you are keen to recover and get back into shape, breastfeeding can help you get there faster! Recent studies haves shown that breastfeeding burns over 500 calories a day, helping you shed that baby weight in no time.  Feeding your baby also stimulates your uterus to contract and return to normal size, reducing the chances of post partum bleeding.  

Feel positive

Did you know that nursing can actually help you feel positive and happy? Breastfeeding releases two hormones: Oxytocin& Prolactin which are naturally soothing hormones that help you feel peaceful and relaxed while promoting a strong bond of love and affection between you and your baby.

Safer recovery

Breastfeeding has been linked with reducing the chances of catch ingurinary tract infections and anemia. It can also help prevent postpartum depression while stimulating feelings of happiness and positivity.  

Promotes healthy baby weight  

A great way to reduce the risk of obesity, breastfeeding fosters healthy weight gain for your little bundle of joy. Try breastfeeding your bub for at least 4 months to significantly reduce the chances of your baby being overweight.  

Breast milk includes leptin, a hormone that helps with regulating appetite resulting in healthy baby weight. Due to self-regulated milk intakes, breastfed babies also develop healthier eating patterns as they themselves are aware of when they are hungry and full.

Ease of Convenience

Along with the many benefits of breastfeeding, convenience has got to be one of the most important!

  • Travelling somewhere with your baby in tow? No more stress over the correct milk temperature, space to make the formula, bottle hygiene etc. Breast milk is always clean, nutritious and at the right temperature to keep your baby nourished while on the go.
  • Long nights are that much easier when breastfeeding as you don’t have to worry about warming up bottles of formula.
  • Say goodbye to bags full of baby feeding equipment. You can easily leave your house without the hassle of packing baby bottles, nipples etc.
  • Good for the baby and good for the environment as there are no bottles to wash, formula to purchase etc.  

Easily digestible

Breast milk is made for your baby, therefore it’s easily digestible which makes your little one far less susceptible to suffer from constipation and diarrheic.

Strengthens the bond and affection  

Nursing your baby nurtures more skin to skin contact along with more holding and caressing which helps strengthen the physical and emotional bond between mother and child. This affectionate bonding during the early years of life may help your child be more social, interactive and confident throughout the latter years of his/her life.