Bathing your baby, the right way!

Ready for your little one to enjoy the feel of water and wriggle his toes in excitement? Baby bathing time, while being something that is fun and rewarding, can also be an anxiety ridden task. With a few simple tips and tricks to make bath time easy, this could be an enjoyable and bonding experience for everyone! Take out the yellow duckies, get your supplies together and let’s get our rub a dub dub on.

Gather all your supplies

Before you start bathing your baby, make sure that you have everything you need nearby. Since your baby cannot be left unsupervised, organizing all your supplies prior to bath time will make things much more convenient.  You will need a mild soap (We recommend the Core Rebecca Lee Soap), a tear free shampoo, a wash cloth to keep your baby dry, a hooded towel, cotton balls, diapers and a clean outfit. If your baby is a bit older, you could include some bath toys to make this routine a tad bit more fun and exciting for your toddler.

Check the water temperature

Once you get all your bath supplies, make sure to fill your bath tub or basin with warm water. Test the water with your elbow to make sure that it’s the perfect temperature for your little baby. Hot water could cause scalding, irritation and rashes.

Place your bub in the tub!

Hold your babies head with your arm while cradling the rest of his/her body securely. Gently ease your baby into the tub, feet first.

The Main act

Using a wash cloth or cotton ball, start cleaning your babies face, neck and ears. Be sure to use a mild baby soap such as Rebecca Lee Herbal Soap to gently wipe instead of scrubbing as this can irritate their delicate and sensitive skin. Be sure get the nooks and crannies that collect a lot of dirt including the folds behind the ears, rolls around the neck etc. Start from the top and work your way down.

After Care

Once your baby has been cleaned top to bottom, make sure to dry him/her off with a soft wiping cloth or towel. To keep your baby feeling comfortable and moisturized use a gentle lotion such as Rebecca Lee Floral Lotion to keep their skin soft and supple.  Finish your routine by dabbing a bit of Rebecca Lee Floral Cologne on your baby’s clothes to keep him/her smelling fresh all day long!