Working out while on your period

Gone are the days where it was taboo to work out while on your period! We were told to rest, take it easy and avoid engaging in anything strenuous.

While breaking a sweat at the gym is the last thing you may feel like doing, getting in some form of exercise can actually help reduce period pains by improving blood circulation. Read on for some dos, don’ts and benefits of working out while on your period.

So, grab your shoes, hit the gym and go with the flow!  



Get rid of that bloating

Suffering from bloating? Sweating during exercise results in your body shedding water, which may relive some of the bloating.

Lighter Flow

Exercising regularly and having a healthy lifestyle can result in a lighter menstrual flow. When you lose weight, your body fat reduces which in turn means you have less estrogen in your body. This makes your uterus lining thinner which in turn makes your flow much lighter.

Hit pause on the painful cramps

While certain pain killers can help relieve cramps, a much healthier way is to workout. Exercising helps blood circulation to your uterus which can relieve cramping. Let’s not forget the endorphins that are released which also help ease the pain!

Elevate your mood

Feeling blue?  While its natural to feel down or irritated while on your period, hitting the gym or getting in some light cardio may help fix your mood through increase blood circulation.


 What exercises should you do?

Quite honestly, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. We recommend doing what feels good to you but if you prefer a light workout that is not too strenuous we suggest:

·A short jog or walk to get your heart rate pumping. If the weather is nice, head out for a run so you have the added advantage of breathing in some nice crisp air.

· Strength training: If you feel like doing strength training but feeling tired, try reducing the weights you would normally use and stick to lighter weights.

· Yoga: Yoga is a great way to relax and improve your blood circulation.

· Light Cardio: Go cycling or swimming. Remember not to over exert yourself and stop when you’ve reached your limit.