The Do's and Don't of Bikini Waxing

Whether you have been ripping those strips off for quite a few years or a first-time waxier, we can all agree that waxing is somewhat of a painful and uncomfortable affair. We are here with some tips and tricks to help you have the smoothest hair removal experience ever!


Keep it warm!

Have a warm and relaxing bath before you go for your waxing as this can help open up your pores, making it that much easier to remove the hair.


Timing is everything!

In some instances, your skin can be more sensitive closer to your period, making the waxing process more painful than usual. Try to schedule your waxing appointments way before your period date or after.


Let it grow

Avoid shaving in between waxing appointments so that your hair is grown a sufficient length long enough to wax. The ideal hair length should be about ⅛to ¼ inches long. This helps the wax get a better hold on your hair, making it easier to remove.  


Know what you want

There are plenty of options for bikini waxing available. If it is your first time, figure out which waxing choice you want to go for. The three most common types are:

  • A regular bikini wax: Waxing only the pubic hairs off the sides of your bikini line
  • A Brazilian bikini wax: Waxes and removes all the hair from front to the back.
  • A full bikini wax: Waxes and removes all the hair from the vulva and back.

Avoid the alcohol

Avoid consuming a lot of liquor the day before your waxing appointment to minimize the pain. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin making the pore retract, resulting in a painful waxing experience.


Skip the gym

Wearing tight air-resistant clothes can cause friction in the waxed area leading to itchiness, redness and ingrown hairs. Try to skip the gym onthe day of your waxing to be pain-free post-wax!


Keep it loose!  

Stay comfortable by wearing loose clothing to your appointment. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that can make you feel uncomfortable and itchy.


Pop a painkiller

If you find waxing to be unbearably painful, try taking a mild painkiller before your next appointment to ensure that you have a stress free experience without any discomfort.


Keep it cool

A shower after waxing is highly recommended but be sure to only use water lukewarm or cool water. Using hot water can dehydrate your already sensitive skin. Avoid using harsh soaps and body washes containing too many oils and perfumes for at least a couple of days after your waxing.


Get comfortable

If you are a newbie to waxing, your first time may feel a bit uncomfortable. Before going in for your appointment,  know that you will have to remove all your clothes below the waist and be completely naked. Depending on the amount of hair, you may have to assist the waxing lady with the entire process by adjusting your body here and there so she can remove all the hair.